The Story Behind Conscious Art

It took many hours of convincing on the part of my friends and loved ones before I finally consented to display and sell my art. You see, I have had the story for my entire life that I am a writer, not an artist. I love art, though. I find it soothing and therapeutic. My art sparked to life while I was in massage school. One of my teachers was witness to my first creation and she said that she was impressed that I was using that avenue to help me remember what I was learning. I never had to study, while I was in school, and I believe that was because my art was ingraining the knowledge I needed to pass the required tests.

The feedback I continually receive regarding my art is that the viewer feels relaxed or curious. It has been said that they can get lost in the pictures and they usually find images hidden within the art that I did not consciously create. I have heard that my art leads others on introspective journeys.

Conscious Art
The hand-drawn work of my Conscious Art line is generally black ink on plain ole 20lb, 8.5″x11″ bright white copy paper. My favorite medium for these pieces is the Pilot G2-07 black gel ink. I occasionally use the G2-05 and the G2-10 pens and other colors, but I continually find myself returning to the beginning tools. Over the years, I have created commissioned pieces of varying sizes at the request of specific clients who wanted their own, unique piece. That has been a fun process and I have loved it, however I find the most joy in simply allowing the ink to flow forth from the pen and gradually roll across the paper’s surface.

Conscious Art hand-drawn gallery under construction.

The computer generated portion of my Conscious Art line is compiled using a variety of tools and software on the computer, depending on the art I am creating. Often time, as is true of most of my art, I create for the simple love and passion of creating art. It wasn’t until I began my degree in Graphic Design, back in 2010, that I started creating work based on research with a specific subject matter and end result in mind. My digital art can be seen in my Intrinsic Universe Transformational Card Deck, as well as in the JenGie Creations deck, some of which are in the video below.

Conscious Art digital gallery under construction.

The mixed media portion of my Conscious Art line springs forth from my love of found objects, sparkly things, and the way the paint flows onto paper. This part of my art came from playing with my daughter when she was tiny and witnessing her joy of making an absolute mess with paints, clay, beads, and string. Sometimes the art is just one of these mediums, but often times it is layer upon layer of fabulous surprises and curiosities. Many of these pieces of art have been created for specific people and given as gifts of Love from my heart. Because of the intimate nature of these pieces, I haven’t documented the process or the result, other than the end result of the art piece below entitled Adrianna, given as a gift to a dear friend whose daughter died of SIDS at six weeks old.

gift for Adrianna

If you’re interested in commissioning me for a unique gift for you or a loved one, please contact me:

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