Intrinsic Universe coverIntrinsic Universe Transformational Readings are designed to support you in creating what you want for your future, rather than telling you how it’s going to be.

This unique transformational card deck was created by Angie K. Millgate. From the introduction in the booklet that accompanies the deck:

Emotions are able to shift to other areas and become stuck when not allowed to process in easeful ways, which can result in discord, illness and pain. As humans, we have one vehicle – the body – for experiencing this lifetime. Your body works like a faucet, through which passes all of your experiences, emotions, thoughts and creativity. When you stop the flow of one aspect of your life, it creates a dam in your system and affects all aspects of your life. When your life is in balance, you experience flow. Balance comes through fully expressing your emotions in healthy ways.

The Intrinsic Universe deck was designed to be a tool for sparking your intuition and creativity to find clarity regarding areas where you may be causing dams. While you have been given this accompanying channeled text for the intuitive images, it is only a small part of the vast message available to you from your Guides…

Upon conception, every part of you begins forming. All of your cells knew what they were meant to do and each cell did their job as part of a perfectly orchestrated miracle. You are a human being, which is a magical combination of Light and Love – a masterful creation.

Your presence here on Earth is neccessary and purposeful. You were created for significant purposes and have been designed to fulfill these tasks. Your life is hugely significant – remember that always.

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Sampling of images from the deck:

Intrinsic Universe sample

36 Responses to Intrinsic Universe

  1. Getha H. says:

    Angie’s reading was very meaningful, connecting, and uplifting. I walked away feeling better about myself, but also wanting to talk more with her. Would definitely return to talk more with Angie. If you’re reading this Angie I still see the butterflies every where i go hehe.

  2. Gina says:

    My partner and I both had our first readings with Angie a few days ago and we will definitely be getting more readings from her in the future. I love Angie’s energy! She is very insightful and gifted. She shared a lot of important spiritual information with me that I was not aware of. I am so grateful that we met her and that we got to experience her gift!

  3. Jill says:

    My reading with Angie was life changing and beautiful. Upon meeting her I knew I was to sit down and learn from her. She helped find clarity and answers I’ve been looking for my whole life with directness and compassion. She is truly connected and I am blessed for my experience with her.

  4. Carolea says:

    I had never done anything like this before. It was a spur of the moment decision with a girl friend I was spending the day with. I wish I had a gift like hers. I could help so many people in my line of work that are not able to do things for themselves in the moment. Thanks Angie for you time and honest. I hope to see you soon.

  5. Jessica says:

    I left my first reading feeling at ease. Thank you!

  6. Alyssa Sanford says:

    I had my first reading today from Angie. She made me feel so welcomed and listened to what I had to say. I am beyond thrilled that I found her and was able to get a reading. I will be a regular for sure!

  7. Jessica P. says:

    I believe that Angie has a real gift with the work that she does. She truly wants to help others find answers and insight on both surface things, and deeper/more complicated things as well. She is very good at reading people, and their energy! I did a small session at Dancing Crane Imports, and even that amount of time with her was extremely helpful in providing guidance in my life. :) I Am already recommending her to friends and family.

  8. Pamela says:

    Normally I don’t stop at Dancing Crane after work. Something drew me there, and I found out Angie usually didn’t do readings on that day and was covering for someone. It truly was meant to be. Her reading was spot on and the advice she gave I really took to heart. Thank you so much for your kind words and helping me believe in myself again.

  9. Lori says:

    I was in Dancing Crane with a little extra time and it so happened Angie was free at the moment. I am SOOOO glad it all worked out :) My reading with Angie was great, opened my eyes to some things that I have been shutting out. It’s been over a month since my reading, but still reflect back on it for guidance and courage to follow my path. Thank you, Angie!

  10. Anna says:

    I was easily put at ease with Angie. She hit on so many points and is very accurate. I will not soon forget my opportunity to receive a reading from Angie.

  11. Cassie Wilcox says:

    Angie is an amazing woman. I was able to experience my first reading with her and she did an awesome job! she is so easy to open up to and she is so sweet! She was able to help me understand myself a little bit better, and remind me of positive things about myself!

  12. jan says:

    I met Angie at the Wild Woman’s Symposium May 2015. I picked her from an online list with some reservations….I have learned to be selective in my choices, especially with readers, who share my personal space. I am so grateful for the guidance to pick her. At this time I was in turmoil about a major move from Utah to Oregon. I had developed a sisterhood of friends that I hold so very dear and have never had before in my life. My biological sister and I were developing a relationship I had always wanted and we hadn’t had before. NOW I WAS LEAVING all that behind. Actually no experience or connection is ever “lost” and my spirit was screaming at me it was time to move. Angie validated my inner knowing on somethings, brought a knowing to somethings, and cradled my heart in such a way that I felt renewed my moving forward. I cried for hours and even days after….which is my thing :-) The universe brings to us in divine timing if we are trusting and this was perfect timing. I would recommend Angie highly….with confidence and trust.

  13. Kaela Taylor says:

    She was very kind and was able to help me understand myself a little better. I felt comfortable the whole time, and was able to understand what she was telling me. I wish I’d had more time. Thank you very much Angie.

  14. Lindsay says:

    Angie was great, she is kind, sweet and deeply intuitive. I had a calm, enlightened experience with Angie. She truly helped me realize I was always hearing my higher self just not following my best interest and that was my choice its always our choice, and we can choose to change and start in a different direction at any time.Thank you Angie

  15. Ethan MacLeod says:

    A reading with Angie isn’t just your “run-of-the-mill” psychic reading. Right from the start, Angie’s energy shifts and synchronizes with yours, so you know that the information coming up isn’t only sopt on, but what needs to be heard. Saying that Angie has a deep connection with her divinitory tools is sort of an understatement, seeing as how she made her own deck. Angie is the complete package of personality, kindness, and guidance. Prepare to laugh and cry, and when you stand up and walk away, the collective sigh of relief as you realize what Angie knew from the the moment you sat down. “You are perfect,” we just need to be reminded of that.

  16. anonymous says:

    Very informative. I felt a good connection and calmness and sense of authenticity during the reading.

  17. Mrs Bonnie Waterhouse says:

    I loved it! I left feeling empowered and more clear. It was very good to look at myself from the outside, so to speak, instead of always from the inside. It gave me more perspective and clarity.

  18. Sara North says:

    My overall experience Was great.. it was very informative and uplifting. All of my questions were answered.. even questions I didn’t knew I had. It was amazing.

  19. anonymous says:

    This experience really helped my cope a little better with my fathers death, and to help me know that I am taking the right steps in the new changes and spiritual journey that I am on. I was very greatful.

  20. I have had readings done by others in the past, though it is always rare to find someone who possesses a genuine gift. Angie K. Millgate does indeed possess that gift. She is highly intuitive, empathic even, and her overall spirit is friendly, warm and inviting. Her explanation of the reading is thoughtful, compassionate and thorough. An Intrinsic Universe Transformational Reading with Angie is a must if you seek enlightenment, clarity and gentle direction in life.

  21. client says:

    Love you Angie! I love where you speak from and whst you are in touch with.

  22. recent client says:

    You are amazingly gifted! Our conversation was bright and helpful and I am still thinking about making people feel good will get me into doors that wouldn’t otherwise open for me. Today I got invited to the Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce meeting tomorrow! It is already working! If I’m gay, I don’t know it, but I do love being with gay people and had already asked if anyone in the office worked specifically with that demographic! And I am guided by ascended masters? Wow! Does it get any better than that? Right now I think my other card was Elevate, but I am not sure. I do feel like energy has shifted for me drastically in the last few months, when I walked away from an unsatisfactory living situation and took charge of my life. I feel focused and grounded and eager to see what life has in store. I do want to know why I got derailed by a break in to my car while talking with you. The place I have gone to is wondering what I am missing? What did I not see, do, say, ? that I did not notice so my attention had to be grabbed. And that might not be it at all! Thanks!

    I am happy to give you a testimonial, but it wouldn’t be what I just wrote. I would edit that!

  23. Sandra says:

    My reading was supposed to last 30-40 minutes but she went the extra mile and spent more time just because she is just lovely!!!In previous visits to the store where I had my Transformational Reading, I had the privilege to experience dear friends of mine Readings and see how Angie has that true connection with every single one of them. How accurate her messages are, the knowledge she has and that magic, tender, divinely inspired communication that leaves you so relaxed and in-tune with your Higher self. So I decided to give it a try and even though I have had different types of readings before I never thought I was gonna be able to connect at the level I did that Sunday afternoon that still every time I think of it reconnects me with those feelings I mentioned before. Thanks Angie for all you do, the guidance provided… Looking forward to hear from you again!

  24. anon says:

    My husband and I had an amazing reading, we still talk about it and refer to it in our discussions. it was exactly what we needed at the time coming back from Burning Man.

  25. Ms Marsha Stafford says:

    I enjoyed the intuitiveness that came from the reading. She was kind, gentle, and opened the spirit word to me. I am thankful for her gifts that she shared with me. I was thankful to be able to meet Momma Betty

  26. Diana Corin says:

    It was perfect for me and help me to empower myself and remind me why I’m here in this planet. Angie is just a beautiful Angel on the earth. Namaste!!!

  27. Bobbi Fosbury says:

    It was amazing and very helpful to my stress-filled and difficult life that I am experiencing right now. Angie provided me with insight, assurance, affirmed my situation, and showed caring and support. She was practical too and engaged me in how I can take “baby steps” to live the life I am meant to live. I felt an instant warmth and connection to her. As I walked the room and perused the others, I was drawn to her like a magnet.

  28. Proud client for life here! I have experienced the quality of my life transform since my last Intrinsic Universe reading. With her powerful intuitive skills Angie touched on so many important details that I didn’t even know how to put into words, limiting beliefs from child hood that I had no idea were affecting me. And, they ‘were’ affecting me; Great big huge! Not only did Angie help identify these thought patterns that were no longer serving me, she gave me incredible, soul inspiring intuitive advice that I have chosen to take. Since I have fully embraced the messages from the Intrinsic Universe and Angie, the divine in my life has truly blossomed. I walked away with more valuable information and self understanding than I could’ve dreamed! I am eternally thankful! Angie truly does have The Phoenix Touch!

  29. Cosmetologist Rebekah Williams says:

    Spiritual, touching, revealing, comforting I felt supported and was able to have clarity in the chaos. Thank you, much appreciated.

  30. Kathryn Salas says:

    It was a great experience, I enjoyed doing the group reading. She is very optimistic made me feel more at ease and overall made it a good time.

  31. Client in group reading with two other clients says:

    She was very attuned with our grief, even though you could not tell by the looks on our faces or our outlooks. She became very interested in one individual that may have gifts herself and let her be at ease knowing there are people that can help guide her.

  32. Mrs Penny Truman says:

    I found Angie to be very intuitive and right on. She was very loving and kind with me and very pleasant to talk to. I enjoyed the reading that I got from her very much. She was very insightful. She told me exactly what I needed to hear.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed my reading and connecting with Angie. I felt inspired by her light and her valuable insight into my life.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Some things I understood immediately, some other things I had a little trouble understanding fully. I came home and wrote about my experience so that I might remember what was said. I also took Angie’s advice about asking the Universe to give me the spiritual gifts that I already have although they may be a little “fractured.” I walked out to a large open field and asked and accepted these gifts with gratitude. I am very excited to know that I have Metaphysical gifts. And I am not afraid of them but, in fact, feel more empowered spiritually.

  35. Melissa Cocoran says:

    I had a great experience. It was a delight to meet you and hear what insights you had to share with me. I was sorry that I didn’t have more time. I look forward to future readings. I have already referred you to some friends.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I felt a lot of great closure and was very comfortable. I have never met someone who helped me like she did.

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