What, exactly, is Branding???

Defining “brand”

A brand is a graphical representation of ownership that is burned into the flesh of livestock, criminals, and slaves, forever imprinting upon them the identifying mark of the person who owns that “property.”

So, why on earth would branding be important for you?

These days, branding has an important place in the business world. The logo created for your business becomes the mark by which you are identified in the world – literally becoming the image that is burned into the brains of the public. Some of the world’s most renown businesses can be identified simply by their logo. Think of Nike, Coke, Pepsi, or McDonald’s and I’m sure that you will picture their logo, maybe even before their products. That is why it is so important that your logo is a perfect match for you and your business.

But branding is so much more than your logo. Branding is the development of a consistent look, feel, and approach to everything your business does. It is in the logo design, the colors, the typefaces (fonts), the graphic image styles, the presentation, and the feel of your collateral. Is your business soft and cozy or is it edgy and hip? That is all represented by your branding.

When you are clear on your business’s purpose, who you serve, and why you are in business, then your branding will be in alignment with that and then everything that comes forth from your business will be marked with your branding, therefore in alignment. The way to attract your perfect client is to be branded in alignment with your purpose, creating an authentic and inviting energy in your business.

Why would you choose me as your designer for your branding process?

Over two decades of experience in the executive offices of corporate America has impressed upon me the importance of clarity, organization, and consistency. I also gained an understanding of protocols and systems that work for replicating successful outcomes. Upon that foundation, I have built a successful practice in the healing arts. As an Energy Healer, I am able to see energy, interact with it, and channel it to create a powerful, supportive infrastructure for my clients. In addition to these aspects of me, with a degree in graphic design, I am a trained graphic designer who understands the importance of clean layout, concise typography, and dynamic copywriting.

How am I different from other designers who specialize in branding?

I am passionate about providing top-notch service that brings forth your vision that you may not yet be able to put into words. Because I see energy and understand the importance of alignment, I am able to support you in creating collateral that matches you.

I have created a step-by-step protocol that mentors you through the process of getting clear on your vision, purpose, and mission statement for your business. Your branding process is important to me, so I only take on five new branding clients a quarter. It is a 90-day process (rush jobs negotiable for premium rate) wherein you have my rapt attention and I am available to you for processing, healing, transitioning, transforming, and stepping into your authentic business branding.

Rather than you needing to do it all by yourself and shooting in the dark, I provide brainstorm sessions, energy sessions, readings, worksheets, and systems for answering all your branding questions. I walk beside you through the process of envisioning your logo, breathing life into it through color, setting up the look/feel of your collateral, designing business cards, and developing a simple website.

What the process looks like:

  • Initial session where we discuss your direction, vision, and how I can serve you. This is where I get to know you and understand your best learning style. Agreement is signed here. You will receive a checklist of items that will show the things that will be needed (graphics, images, content, etc), items that will need to be purchased (domains, special order business cards, website framework, etc), and a proposed timeline.
  • Business Branding worksheet – form you fill out to breathe life into your business. When your business is a living, breathing entity, you become more engaged with it, triggering your nurturing self that will do whatever takes to protect the aliveness of this entity.
  • Mission statement clarification support.
  • Logo Development
  • Alignment and Visibility Session – this session happens in the logo development stage. As you begin to see your dream coming to life, it generally triggers fears and self-sabotage. This session is designed to support you through that phase, allow space for the fears to move through, and to embrace the new possibilities.
  • Business Card Development
  • Brainstorming Session – this session is a sit-down-together session where we go to the drawing board, literally, to layout the site map for your website.
  • Website Development
  • Closing Session – this occurs prior to you officially launching your website. We meet to verify that everything is completed, sign off on approval, discuss future needs.

When this process is complete, you will  have:

  • A unique logo designed for you in vector art, formatted for print and web.
  • The native Adobe Illustrator file of your logo, in case you need to work with other designers.
  • “Standards” – a document listing how your logo is to be used, typefaces (fonts) for your business, instructions for images and graphics, and color library (including RGB, CMYK, and HEX codes).
  • 250 business cards.
  • A simple, 5-page website with all content uploaded.
  • A master file containing your originals and standards.

What other clients have said…

“You have been amazing to partner with through this process. It wouldn’t have happened without your ability to bring to the screen my vision, you captured Soul Shack beautifully.” MaryAnn Singleton, Goddess at Soul Shack

“You are a GENIUS GODDESS! I love, love, love what you created! I am so filled with gratitude for the amount of love, time, and dedication you are putting into this website, you seriously provide a 120%!!! You are a Rock star, goddess!” Marième Faye, Hostess of I Am Born To Shine

“You are amazing! Thank you for your open communication style and I most definitely will be using you for future projects! I appreciate everything you have done!” Chez George, Owner Chez Lash Co

“OH WOW!! Its beautiful!! I love it! Thank you so incredibly much!!!! You are so talented! Love, Love, Love it!!” Lexy Spendlove, Caker and Owner at The Butterfly Cakery

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