In the gallery below, you can see a few selections of my artwork created by hand.

If you would like an up-close view of any particular image, simply click on the thumbnail.

For a long time, because I was convinced I was “not an artist,” I didn’t create art by hand until I started the Conscious Art line while in massage school. With that art, I gave myself permission to just follow the ink and the impulse to move my hand. I didn’t create “real” art, but it was more abstract and intuitive. It was a way to create, while still not being an artist because, in my head, artists created art that was recognizable and identifiable – totally disregarding all the abstract movements out there.

When computers made it to personal desktops, I taught myself how to make art in the digital world. Without formal training in any software, I “made” the software do things that surprised people who were trained in the software. Still, this art was most often abstract and not “real” in appearance.

Then I returned to college and was given the opportunity to create art by hand. I fell in love with it all over again. My amazing professors, Justin Anderson and Rick Graham, patiently taught me the basics of how to create real art. They taught me about perspectives and proportions, Light Logic and form, structure and detailing. With their tutelage, I began to create art that blew me away and, often times, when I would stand back and look at it, I would feel teary-eyed.

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