Have you ever stopped to ponder just how miraculous our earth is? Everything outside my windows is green and lush and full of life. The mountains are blanketed in snow and the gray clouds hanging above them are full of moisture just waiting for the right time to fall to earth. It is the water cycle that the earth goes through naturally, without thought or any assistance from mankind. Nature continues to do what she was created to do… seeds sprout… sprouts burst through the soil into stems… stems stretch to the sky holding the head of blossoms… blossoms explode in colors and scents and fullness… fullness expands to the extent of the reach of the seed’s expansion… the expansion begins closing in on itself becoming smaller until the head tilts over giving the last of its effort to return to the earth… It is happening all around us and, for that, I’m grateful.

Today, I am also grateful for… * my freedom * remembering that I am a messenger * remembering that my message is not for everyone * remembering that those who appreciate my message and those who do not will speak with equal and intense emotion * my ability to write in a way that evokes strong emotions * standing tall in the crossfire * knowing when I’ve had enough and that it is time to stop receiving feedback so that I can integrate and find my footing again * being gentle and tender with myself * acknowledging my sadness, my pain and my experiences of yesterday * giving myself permission to cry for the world * a warm, comfortable bed to fall into at night * pulling the blankets up around my ears to muffle the sounds of the world * being able to sleep last night without nightmares and without feeling the intense emotions that are rolling through humanity * rising today to greet a gray dawn and smiling because it is exactly perfect.


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