As a Profoundly Sensitive Energy Healer and Empath, I offer readings in varying forms and using various tools.

You can read about the transformational card deck I created by clicking: Intrinsic Universe.

You are welcome to come join me for a reading at Dancing Crane Imports in Salt Lake City, Utah on Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Sunday.

Do you have questions? Interested in scheduling a remote reading?

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What is Intermediation

Intermediation is another word for channeling. It is the experience of having someone contact the spirit realm, other dimensions, or loved ones who have crossed over to receive information on behalf of another person.

As an intermediary, I become the conduit of information for you from sources you may not be able to access yourself.

Accessing my Psychic Abilities

Growing up, I had been grounded in all things “real” and had been taught to avoid anything that had the mere appearance of evil. I had also been taught that witchcraft was evil and that only witches would claim such outlandish things as being able to see, hear or feel “things” that were, seemingly, not there. Even though I could do all of those things and knew I wasn’t a bad person, my teachings told me otherwise so I turned off my gifts. Therefore, for most of my life, I was suspicious of those who could do such feats of wonder. Eventually, I forgot I could do any of that until my daughter was born and I was shocked to discover that I was, indeed, one of “those” people. Now I embrace these gifts and feel humble to be blessed with the abilities.

Below is the list of the ways I access information:

Channeling – to offer clear conduit for other entities to speak through, translating “foreign” languages to English
Clairsentience – to feel another’s feelings, also known as “Empathic”
Clairaudience – to hear that which is not physically present
Claircognizance – to be certain about something without knowing how or why
Clairvoyance – to see that which is not physically present
Clairalience – to smell something that is not physically present
Clairgustance – to taste something that is not physically present

04 Explanation

Other Services Offered:

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