Things are getting HEATED, my friends. Remember to keep breathing. And if you need to cry, please do so. God knows I have and am. I am not at all liking what I’m seeing, feeling, and hearing. I don’t like what is happening. I don’t like how people are treating one another. I don’t. And all I know is… I GOT TO KEEP BREATHING and I GOT TO KEEP CHOOSING LOVE. Because, I made a commitment to BE a space of Love.

And, honestly, it is already really difficult to hold that space and we’re only four days into this momentous change.

Case in point…

Earlier this morning, one of my friends, whom I love with all my heart, posted this image, with the added note: “These people are not crazy….. they are deliberate and terrifying.:”

I had just finished reading an article about the different pictures of the Mall from Inauguration day this year, contrasting with the picture of the Mall on the day President Obama was inaugurated. I have been reading all about that because I work for the National Park Service as a contract employee and there was a firestorm of crap to deal with BECAUSE of those pictures that were taken on property protected by the National Park Service.

I replied with, “I am willing to look at all of the possibilities with my eyes wide open and I can actually see how it could be possible that it was the largest audience in the history of elections because of the ability for people to watch online around the globe, which was not as accessible four years ago, let alone 44 years ago…”

Because, that is how *I* am designed. I AM able to look at MANY viewpoints at once. Also, I thoroughly understand that what is being spewed about from every direction is rarely the whole truth, but is, instead, a manipulation of the truth to get whomever is looking at or listening to it to agree with the speaker.

Her response to me was: “Angie…President Obama – the first Black President – the Mall plus the viewers online….seriously? I suppose keep an open mind – but use it.”

I replied: “Yeah… not at all appreciating the insinuation that I’m not.”

She replied: “It wasn’t an insinuation … seriously….. Did you see the pics? Because your comments that marches don’t accomplish anything are befuddling to me…… [she’s referring to the post I did earlier about not understanding marches] and so I’m wondering what logical, intelligent reasoning you’re using to assert that…”

Sooooo… here’s what I’m seeing happening EVERYWHERE since 1/20/17… everyone has gone into their corners of “I’m RIGHT! You are WRONG!” Which is causing a gigantic riff in our society and resulting in people being unable to actually SEE who they are attacking and why.

This person’s insinuation, and then outright judgment of me was hurtful and degrading. How is that ANY better than ANYTHING said or done by “those people” whom she has labeled “deliberate and terrifying”???

I replied to her once after that, asking her to breathe and actually SEE what I am saying. Since then, she has replied four more times, none of which have any sort of implication that she is willing to hear or see me. And I’m done replying. I will not feed this energy.

If you are willing to breathe and See me, Hear me, I will talk with you for forever. The minute you give me the “I AM RIGHT” stance, I walk away. There is no talking with that. I believe EVERYONE is able to have their view of what is right FOR THEM. It doesn’t mean I need to agree with them. Nor does it mean I need to conform to them. And it SURE AS HELL does not mean I get to stand there and take their attack or abuse in the name of holding space for them to be in their truth. You want to be in your truth, then BE IN YOUR TRUTH and stop attacking me – or anyone – because of your truth.

I’m imagining that is NOT what this woman wants. I am imagining that she wants this world to be a safe place. Knowing what I know of her, I imagine she wants this world to be loving and kind. Her attack on me, however, is breeding the very thing she is speaking out against.

The only way we are going to make this out alive is if we stop the in-fighting. I love this person so much that her words at me cut me to the core. When that happens, I turn away from the person. I am here to be a space of Love and when you attack that, I close off. And, in the end, if all of my friends who are, themselves, spewing hate in every direction, continue to do so, we WILL be our own undoing.

I love you, my Dear Sensitives.

Inhale. Exhale.

We got this.

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