Sooooo… after posting my earlier post today (from I finished getting ready for the day, ate some breakfast and then drove across the valley. As I was driving, I thought about my previous post and the old belief pattern that I revealed there: I believe that “failure” means that things didn’t turn out as I expected!

Oh dear Lord!

My sneaky “expectation” beliefs are embedded everywhere.

I believe – for others, mind you – that their “mistakes” or “failures” or “screw ups” are exactly perfect in their occurrences. I believe that every. single. experience. in the lives of others is as exactly as it is supposed to be in that moment and the next. That openness and acceptance is an aspect of me that makes me be the amazing coach that I am.

However, for me, for some reason, I am intolerant of my own “mistakes” or “failures” or “screw ups” and that is mostly because I have expectations – spoken or unspoken – of how things are supposed to look and that supposition means that what actually IS happening is not actually how it’s supposed to be.  That, somehow, whatever I am experiencing in each moment is… wrong…

Ah blast it! Dag nab it! CURSES!

*imagine me stomping my feet and waving my arms and sticking out my tongue and growling and doing a very lovely angry dance*

What I have NOW since realized is that there truly is NO such thing as failure. Because, the reality is, everything IS exactly perfect in every. single. moment.

Even for me.

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  1. Jen says:

    There are not many people who can get me laughing AND crying at the same time. You, darling, are one of them. I’m laughing at your realization, laughing because I know I think the same way, crying because its hard to have so much compassion and openness for myself.

    • AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww…

      I feel so very tender reading your feedback and also excited that you see so much of yourself in what I share. I appreciate being able to reflect to you in a way that brings on sweeping emotions so that you find yourself laughing AND crying, feeling compassion and open all at the same time! Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

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