The title for this post is inspired more by the song filling my head than the fact that it actually IS a holiday this weekend here in Utah. Madonna is belting it out with a catchy rhythm and fun electronic sounds… it brings up memories of being a young girl and carefree. I remember thinking how naughty she was for singing that song… “Like a Virgin” and that the song was banned from our home because it was inappropriate. In secret, though, I loved it and cranked it up when the parents weren’t home. Oh! The simpler times of youth!

Today, I am appreciating… * that I just realized that have less than two weeks until my math final and then the torture will be over! WOW! I made it! * netflix because they have one of my favorite television series in full for streaming and so I’ve been able to watch it from the beginning in the quiet moments when I want to wind down * the wind that is making the trees dance * that I can tell that today is going to be breathtakingly beautiful in its clarity * the opportunity to work with one of my coaches on a video shoot today * all the coaches who have showed up in my life recently * the magic in my life * faeries.

I love my life.

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