“It feels so awesome,” she exclaimed, her eyes sparkling happily, “to know my healing work is done and I don’t have to do any more of it! I am completely healed in every area of my existence!”

I watched her, dubious. I had seen this before. Declarations of absolute wholeness and wellness. Proclamations that all the healing was done. Exclamations of utter joy that the person had arrived at the newly defined state of having nothing left to heal or work on.

I’ve also seen the slide into the abyss that occurs shortly thereafter and the resulting despondency when they realize that their declarations, proclamations, and exclamations were fleeting. So, I wasn’t at all shocked when we were together just three days later and she was weeping because life sucked and she was tired of doing all the work on herself.

She said with a dejected tone, “I thought I had already. healed. this!

I said to her what I say myself and others, “You have. This is a new layer.”

It is a glorious feeling to come to a place that feels free of “work” and pain, a space where it seems that all the healing is done. And, yes! It is important to celebrate your achievement of this luscious state and to keep in mind that if you are of my generation – born between 1960-1985 – you are here to do this sort of work for generations forwards and backwards through time. So, although you may have healed yourself on all levels, there is probably still shit that is going to show up so you can heal it for other people.

My clients that are part of the Healing Generation are continually in some sort of transformational work, once they enter the stage wherein they are interested in healing themselves. It goes in layers… over and over and over… taking us to our core beliefs, uprooting them, clearing them, and replacing them with new beliefs. Time and again over the last 15 years with hundreds of clients, I’ve seen the pattern repeat. Sometimes it feels like we are “here again,” but it’s usually a deeper or more ancient level of an issue that has risen to be cleared.

Once we have been at the healing work for a while, the process becomes faster and the space where we think “I’m fully healed” grows longer, but it is always going on. The happiest Healers I’ve met are the ones that avoid declaring themselves complete at any time and continually seek out the healing that needs to be done; they instigate the healing. My Guides have shown me that the Healing Generation will never be finished with their work until they walk off the planet because that is why we are here – to clear the shit so the babies coming up after us can do what they need to do here without having all the shit to wade through that we have been wading through all our lives for far too many generations.

There is a tendency in the consciousness community to make definitive conclusions about our own work, as if doing so is going to, somehow, end that process. I have seen so many people learn the gift of “rising above” the situation, using their affirmative pronouncements as a means of “programming” themselves to believe that they are, in fact, wholly and utterly healed. And they believe it. Which is an awesome FIRST STEP in the healing process. It is not, however, the way to heal because healing take willingness to look and accountability for what you are seeing and both aspects are completely negated when one “rises above” the situation. And when it is THE way they are choosing to do their work, it creates phenomenal havoc on this planet.

When they come to a stage where they are announcing that they are TOTALLY DONE WITH HEALING, if they don’t continue at the healing work in one way or another, they create huge messes, they destroy relationships, they come across as “unreal” or “superficial” or downright dishonest. People around them hear them saying one thing and behaving in nearly the opposite way. Their words and actions do not sync up. And when they get real about what they are doing – if they ever do – they are stunned to discover they have no friends and even sometimes no home, no job, and no family members that will talk to them.

It is true, you can choose out of the calling to be a Healer of Humanity. This planet is an at will place, so if you don’t want to be a Healer, then get clear about that and make it so. However, when you dabble in it all while judging yourself or believing you’re better than it or have the magic solution that has completely healed everything within you, you run the risk of creating more stuff that needs to be healed. If you believe that you are above the healing, that you have somehow landed in a place of perfection, then live your life in every area, every relationship, every interaction fully from a space of radical accountability, kindness, compassion, and gratitude so that you do not create more karma that you – or someone else – will need to heal.

Because, the moment you come down out of the clouds and be human again, you do create riffs that will eventually need to be healed. Being human is an experience of flawed-ness. And in our state of being thoroughly flawed is where we discover that we are, even in that existence, absolutely perfect. When we learn to love ourselves through that journey of flaws and do everything we can to be accountable for our flawed ways, then we begin the process of living harmoniously. When we, as Healers and Sensitives, choose to recognize that our calling IS to continually heal, then we amp up that harmony and create liberation.


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