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#DearSensitives and #Healers,

How you approach someone who is in pain, grieving, scared, or worried can make all the difference in their world. You can alleviate some of their discomfort if you approach with compassion and love.

And while we may not know beforehand that someone IS in pain, grieving, scared, or worried, as soon as we do find out, how we approach them then can make all the difference in their world. If you choose to cull up compassion and love, at that point, you can support a possible shift into a space of light.

All the healing modalities you have under your belt mean nothing to a person who is in pain, grieving, scared, or worried. And when you come at them with the modalities, instead of compassion and love, it can be experienced as cold, inhumane, distant, and downright rude.

How you choose to interact with other humans on this planet IS about you and it DOES affect other humans on this planet.

Look at yourself and ask what you are committed to. Are you committed to having all the right answers, knowing how to fix people, and doing the right work because you have found a modality that is so “beyond cool” and that is all you can focus on? Or are you committed to connecting with humans lovingly, kindly, and compassionately, so that you can be a space of comfort?

It is the second option that holds within it the greatest capacity for healing.

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