never quit
A dear friend private messaged me, asking for support because she’s scared and doesn’t know how to tell her children everything was going to be okay because SHE doesn’t believe that it will.
Her request for support opened a channel and as I was writing it to her, I could feel how many of you – especially the Sensitive parents of Profoundly Sensitive Children – are crying out, too. So, I thought I would share with you the words that her questions inspired because in them, I found comfort, as well…
B R E A T H E.
And turn off the input.
B R E A T H E.
And choose gentle.
B R E A T H E.
And always speak the truth.
B R E A T H E.
And when your children ask if everything is going to work out, remind them that EVERYTHING we experience is a direct result of the choices we make and what we are focusing on. If they don’t like the results, change the choices. Remind them that we’re all in this together and if we keep our heads about us, continue to focus on love, and choose to always be kind no matter what, then it will always be okay.
B R E A T H E.
And remember you are loved.
B R E A T H E.
And remember… you have an entire army on your side just through the veil. They’ve got you – front, back, both sides, above, and below.
B R E A T H E.
And remember that you chose to be here at this time, as did your children.
B R E A T H E.
And remember… in the end, everything will be okay and if everything is not okay, it is not the end.

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