If you are questioning yourself within your relationship, thinking you are losing your mind, and feeling really confused because what the other person is saying is inconsistent and does not match their actions, it is time to take a look at what is really going on.

As an Empath, being in relationship with people who practice gaslighting has been THE most debilitating dynamic I have encountered. Knowing what is mine and what is theirs and learning to trust myself implicitly, no matter what, has been the only way I have made it through. It is also how I have come to recognize gaslighting immediately.

Even with knowing and understanding gaslighting, it is excruciating to be in a relationship with someone who is that unaccountable for their words and actions. Shifting out of relationships, jobs, or living situations where you are being gaslighted is all at once liberating and terrifying, healing and confusing.

The only way through the experience is to continually check YOUR center and hold fast to YOUR truth. Because, when in any kind of relationship with a Gaslighter, you will constantly receive the information that you are wrong, bad, broken, crazy, and possibly bi-polar, which will serve to undermine your own knowing. The trickiest thing of all is… when a Gaslighter realizes you are leaving, they will switch tactics and suddenly you will become the most amazing person who is so smart and whole and stable.

Until they’ve got you securely woven in their web.

Earth is the Third Dimension. This is the realm of physical reality and HUMANS RULE here. Empaths have a tendency to interact with the GodSelf, which is pure, divine, and loving. It is important to remember that what the human in front of you is showing you is their truth. If they say one thing and do another, if they are unkind and call you names, if they hit you, if they refuse to be accountable, if they turn everything around and make it your fault, then THAT IS HOW THEY ARE CHOOSING TO LIVE THEIR EXISTENCE AT THIS POINT, NO MATTER HOW LOVELY YOU CAN SEE THEM TO BE.

The reason you see them as lovely is because you have chosen to love their potential, their GodSelf, and their divine nature, rather than the human side of them. This isn’t about them; it is about you because you are the Creator of your reality and you cannot change, heal, or fix them.

If you are being Gaslighted, it’s time to take a breath and ask, “Am I ready to live life free of this roller coaster?”

When your answer is YES, find someone you can trust to hold your hand and support you through the process of getting off the ride.

Article on Psychology Today worth reading: 11 Signs of Gaslighting in a Relationship

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