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My #DearSensitives,

Things are going to get energetically intense today. The Shit Storm is brewing and it will escalate throughout the day. If you are interested in staying free of a new Shit Suit™ then read on…

Choose to breathe consciously.
Choose you in every way possible.
Choose to focus inward, taking your eyes of those outside of you.
Choose, if only for today, to stop reading everyone’s energy, thoughts, and emotions.
Choose to immediately transmute and let go of any and all energy you pick up.
Choose to align with your truth.
Choose to be kind and gentle with yourself.
Choose self-nurturing.
Choose people, activities, and thoughts that uplift you.
Choose to BE Love, BE loving, BE lovable.
Choose to gather together with those of like minds to focus on Love, focus on Light, and focus on the gathering strength of those forces.
Choose to remember that ALL of this is perfect in every moment, everyone will see ALL of this through their own filters, and all that is important right now is that we hold a space of Love and Peace.


You got this!

I See you.
I Hear you.
I Feel you.

WE got this!

Rise, Dear Ones, Rise! Let our Light shine brighter than ever!

I love you!


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