My #DearSensitives,

I have a unique point of view, as I work within the federal government, but am not an employee. As a contract employee, I get to be witness to the inner-workings of our government and the processes that the millions of civil servants must go through to serve this nation.

It is a behemoth system and, I believe, it was created thusly as a means of assuring that no one person has too much power. At times, the protocols and procecedures and policies seem to serve to only thwart and frustrate us, as we attempt to do our job, but I have to trust that it all makes sense, somehow.

Also, because I work for the government, I get to feel the tension caused by the uncertainty when we do not have an approved fiscal budget. Every year, employees begin to freak out and melt down around September and until Congress approves the budget, usually by October’s end. This year, with the huge change of personnel in government, the budget approval deadline got pushed and pushed until just recently. According to my colleagues, this was the longest it had been pushed in any of their memories. Many of them have been very frazzled, worrying if they were going to have a job still after it was all said and done.

There are a lot of rumors and a lot of horrible things being said about our President. Many people are disrespectfully referring to him, not by name, but only by number: #45. Many people are creating stories of horror and stirring up emotions of dread and terror, all of which have President Trump at the center. There is so much misunderstanding and miscommunication, that I don’t believe *anyone* has a clear picture about what is *really* going on in this nation, let alone in the President’s life.

I am a Visionary. I have seen several possibilities for our future. I have a keen sense of what must be done for this country to succeed and for humanity to survive what it has sowed upon itself. I know that much in this nation *has to* change. I’ve known that for a very long time. And I also know that before every great transformation, gigantic destruction usually takes place to clear the way. I am trusting that this experience with President Trump is part of the Great Plan. I am trusting that there is no one more qualified to lead us into and through this period of great destruction than he.

Today, as workers for the Department of the Interior, we received a message from Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, “Today, the President released the full details of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 budget proposal — charting a course to a balanced budget by 2027 and making necessary investments to improve the safety, security, and infrastructure of our Nation. This budget achieves $3.6 trillion in savings, which is the largest proposed reduction by any President in history…”

My friends, we may not agree with the kind of man he is; we may be offended by his language, his behavior, his moral code, etc; we may abhor all he stands for, in general, but this man, President Trump, just developed a business plan that could have this nation financially balanced in a decade. This, I know, will cause people to explode with anger and fear. I know that it will be grounds for more horrible statements about who this man is. I know it will spark tension, contention, disparity, and pointing of fingers.

Humans have a tendency to fight change. They have a tendency to remain miserable because it’s comfortable. And when that foundation of comfortable misery is shaken, they fight. Hard and loud.

We have all known this was coming. Religions preach of the “Last Days.” Revelations in the Bible is all about it. And anyone familiar with the realm of Light has been taught about – or at least heard tales of – the “great war between Light and Dark” and that it was coming. It isn’t coming, my friends. It is here. Now. How you choose to BE in the coming years will dictate how you experience this phase of humanity’s journey.

I am not saying it is going to be easy. I am not saying it is going to be painless. I am not saying it is going to be peaceful.

I AM saying… it IS part of The Plan.

How will you choose to experience it?

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