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Have you ever had the visceral sensation of being looked down upon? As if the person you are interacting with is somehow more important or of higher status than you?

I am a short person – some people call me “Snack Size” – so I have had, for most of my life, the experience of being “little” and “cute” and having most people (other than kindergarteners) be taller than me. Therefore, the physical experience of other people looking down at me has been a familiar sensation. But that is not the kind of “looking down upon” I’m speaking about. I’m talking about the inflated ego.

A few days ago, I had the experience of interacting with a woman, I’ll call her Kelly, with whom I have crossed paths several times over the last couple years. Each time I’ve interacted with her, I have come away feeling a little less shiny than I was when we started talking. Each time, I have felt myself distancing from her and her message and I have been unable to place why I felt so peculiar.

This day, however, it all came clear.

Kelly’s friend asked me, “Angie, what do you do?”

I answered, “I am a transformation specialist. I support people in bringing their hopes and dreams into the world to live instead of just hope for.”

Her eyes grew big and her face lit up. It was so deliciously tender, innocent, and pure.

Kelly said, “Yeah? And just what do you do?”

She was standing beside me and I glanced at her, curious. I sensed her rolling her energetic shoulders back and standing widely astride, preparing for a war. Turning my attention to Kelly’s friend I replied, “I am an Energy Healer. I support people with healing from past wounds, DNA programs, and generational issues…”

Before I could finish sharing with her, Kelly interrupted with a great big, “HA!”

I turned to her with what I am sure was a very confused expression as I waited for her to elaborate on her interjection.

“Yeah, well, you would have a really hard time working with me, then!”

She literally did a nudge-nudge-wink-wink sort of gesture with her elbow against my arm and I felt even more confused, so I asked, “Why?”

“Because, I am not from here.”

That one word, “I,” was spoken with such elevated superiority that it was hard to miss. Her friend, nodded in awe and affirmed Kelly’s story and Kelly went on to explain all the ways that she was seemingly so much better and beyond anyone “youwould work with, Angie.”

I was stunned.

The truth is, my friends, you ARE here ON EARTH for a reason. ON EARTH. HUMAN! Your Soul may be from a grander universe than little ole Earth, but you are on Earth in a human body. I have yet to meet anyone who has been planted here by another species. Everyone who is walking around on this planet in a body has been created the same way as everyone else – a sperm and an egg were brought together, merged, and created life. Whether that happened in a womb on purpose or by accident, whether that happened in a petri dish and was implanted, we ALL started the same way.

My invitation is to get clear on these things: Are you living your life in some way elevated than the other humans around you? Do you believe that you are “not from here” and do you realize that your persistence in being “not from here” lends an air of superiority? Do you realize that you chose this planet so that you could be human?

Our time here together is precious. It is fleeting. It is sometimes over much sooner than we want it to be. But, in each moment, this life is about being here, NOW. The only way this life can be experienced is if you are willing to be fully human, here, NOW. No matter where your soul is from, being human is where your true power is, it is where LIFE is, it is where WE are together.

So, are you willing to be divinely you here, NOW?

© Angie K. Millgate 3/3/14

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