pathwayThere are times that I find myself breathless with wonder after being blessed with an opportunity to kick some serious energetic ass for a client. Even cooler when I get to do so for my client and myself in one fell swoop. Amazing! Today, I had the opportunity to facilitate one such session and, afterward, I felt incredibly humbled and in awe of what I had witnessed.

Sometimes, traveling your own healing path can be a frightening experience, but I have found that having a trained facilitator to guide you through makes all the difference. For me, learning to be brave in the face of what I am able to do for others was the first step I had to be willing to take on my own healing path. I had to recognize that I am able to do what I am able to do and that it’s actually part of my purpose to do so. I had to be willing to acknowledge that I’m a Healer – that facilitator that can guide others along their own healing paths.

There is something so delicious about embracing my purpose. Suddenly, that which had once been difficult – or I judged as “weird” – has become fluid and simple. And rather than wishing I had a different life or feeling jealous of others who are doing what I want to do, I am feeling appreciation for my opportunities and experiences – each and every one of them.

So cool to be witness to my own transformation of attitude! And to be witness to the transformation  of the attitudes of others.

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