Things I experienced this weekend…

– Snowflakes as big as silver dollars and just as heavy.
– Thick sheets of snow sliding off the roof and falling in a heavy wall of white over and over and over, creating a slide show effect of light and dark.
– A ten-month-old’s delight in witnessing his first snow storm, the wonder as he turned his face to the sky and thrilled to the feel of the icy flakes kissing his cheeks and gathering on his eyelashes.
– Driving northward and peering east and west across the valley, across endless open fields, being unable to see either mountain range which frame the Salt Lake valley and hearing my daughter pipe up from the back seat, “Toto, it appears we aren’t in Utah anymore.”
– The feel of my daughter’s warm hand in mine as she leaned her head on my shoulder drowsily then looked up at me with sky blue eyes and sighed, “I love you, Momma.”
– A snowman built in someone’s front yard all tipsy and skeewompas, leaning backward as if it were going to fall over, with his hat askew. At his feet was an empty case of beer and empty beer cans strewn about the yard.
– A twelve-inch snowman frozen solid atop a taxi.
– Laughing so hard I almost peed over family jokes that no one gets but us.
– A seven-month-old baby fighting to figure out crawling, her frustration and anger when no one would pick her up and her determination to figure it out, although she continually landed on her face.
– Feelings of responsibility for my mother and my aunt… I don’t want either of them sitting alone at home, feeling lonely.
– A warm hug that was long enough I actually wondered when it would end and then wondered at myself for wanting to flee from the experience too soon.
– A zit on my chin so big it felt like I was growing a goiter.
– A silly text message that said: >888< These are money bees. Pass this on to eight people and you will receive hidden money in four days. I’m not kidding. And I actually read it and rolled my eyes before I hit delete.
– Feeling so tired that I was certain I would be asleep before my head hit the pillow and then discovering, two hours later, that that was not the case.
– The movie The Ultimate Gift for the fourth time and found myself crying, yet again.
– A dream of yearning for the one whom I yearn for way too often and waking with tears standing in my eyes.
– Gratitude for life, family, my daughter and love. I am a blessed woman.

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