I have realized that, pretty much, I have been blogging my entire life – pouring out my heart in words. The only difference is, it was private and in journals that I horded away so others could not venture in. Somewhere in my mind, I had justified that the words would be read by someone in another time. And that was okay. Just not now when I am alive to be embarrassed or have to explain myself.

I mean, really, come on! Who is going to read my words? Then, I realized that that stream of thought was the one stream of thought that has undermined me all along. A writer, without readers, is simply that – a writer. I am an author! An author requires readership. How can I become a published author if I am unable to believe that others will read my work, my words? Isn’t that the point of getting published?

Once I got past the concept of being hidden in my writings and saving them for some other time, I began to explore ways to branch out. My first endeavor was my Meditation of the Week. This has been an ongoing experiment for about four years now – with a one-year sabbatical along the way while I found my true path. It was exciting, this knowledge that what I had to write was being so well received. But it was only a small and select group of people.

Then, I was encouraged to actually talk about my Meditations. To share them. To let others know of them. I excitedly watched my subscription list double, then triple then explode. It was invigorating!

Shortly thereafter, I came back into contact with a dear friend who had published her first book. I excitedly watched and participated with her on the beginning of her journey to becoming a World Famous Author. I watched her footsteps, learning from her as she went. Which, was a first for me. Usually, I choose to learn by doing – and crashing. Rarely, do I simply watch and learn.

Along the way, I discovered that she was maintaining four separate blogs. First of all, I thought, what in the hell is a blog?? And what a disgusting sounding word! It sounds like something you do in a bathroom.

I began exploring, researching, looking for information about this word: blog. At first, I was taken aback by the concept of blogging. I had difficulty wrapping my brain around the fact that millions of people out there are writing every single day simply for the joy of it and they are doing it in a way that is open for all to see. What an amazing concept! And I jumped in with both feet, instantly, through MySpace.

I am exploring realms of financial abundance through my passion for healing and writing – and any combination thereof. By so doing, a business mentor and one of my trainers suggested, “Is there something that you are doing now that you could/should be getting paid to do?”

I began to wonder. Wondering is an amazing tool that has been shown to me by some of my closest friends and mentors.

Hmmmm… I wonder how I can get paid for doing some of what I already do…

And I wondered. And I wondered. And I wondered.

Then, I read a blog entry recently posted by my dear, published friend. She has discovered you can get paid to BLOG!!! This opened entirely new realms of inquiry for me.

And so… the journey begins. Yet, again.

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