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Once upon a time, I finally realized I am a Healer. When that happened, I wanted to help everyone and I wasn’t very cool about it, either. I was offering up advice, feedback, and suggestions, all in the guise of “hits” and I was pushing it in every face I could because I was a Healer, by damn! I reached out to touch those who were not wanting to be touched and who thought they didn’t need to be touched. I literally gave away my divine gifts because I really did want to help everyone.

Looking back at how messy I was when I first embraced my divine truths, I can see why I put off so many people and why I didn’t have many clients. That old saying, “He won’t buy the cow if you’re giving away the milk for free,” certainly applied here, but it had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with the fact that I was completely out of integrity, thinking I had to fix everyone, and that anyone who crossed my path certainly had to be broken and I was the Hero who was going to fix that problem.

So not a healthy place for a Healer to be and such a put off for everyone around me!

These days, I am fairly quiet about my healing abilities. I have a firm belief that those who need my healing touch will know there is something about me that is something they are looking for. I have experienced it time and again, someone saying to me, “I’m not sure why, but I think I’m supposed to work with you,” or “I don’t know what you do, but I think it could help me.” These days, prior to dumping words on deaf ears or touching an arm or shoulder, I ask if they are open to it. These days, I will share my healing gifts only when the person accepts the gift or is willingly open to receiving them.

Often times, people who know I am a Healer will offer up my services freely to other people. They will say, “Angie, his foot is hurting him. Why don’t you help him? She can help you, Joe. Why don’t you let her?”

These people have experienced my healing abilities and have come to be what I call Passionate Prophets of the experience. They have felt the healing I hold in my hands and want to share that with the world. Much like I was in the beginning of my journey, they want to proclaim it to everyone and share it with everyone.

For me, though, it provides an opportunity for me to get really clear about who I will and will not offer my gifts to. I’m able to see whether my gifts will be received or abused. There are certain people who will rapidly take advantage of someone that is offering anything for free. And, while my Healing gifts are divinely appointed, they are incredibly sacred and something I profoundly value now. Giving away my gifts to someone who is looking to take them because I’m offering them for free and is never willing to actually offer something back in appreciation of these gifts, depletes the well of my energy. It is a violation of my gifts and, ultimately, it is self-betrayal.

As a Healer, I have been blessed with beautiful abilities that accompany my willingness to be of service to humanity through these abilities. The best thing I can do for myself – and humanity – is to honor my gifts and cherish them, appreciate them, respect them, and be in integrity with them.

For any divine gift, it is imperative to honor, cherish, appreciate, and respect the gift, and to wield it with integrity. Is there a gift that you are violating, devaluing, or under-appreciating by giving it away or forcing it on others?

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