I woke this morning, feeling as though I am a small child and it is Christmas morning. There is the same sense of joyful anticipation that I would feel as I waited for there to be sounds and signs of life in the house that would indicate my parents had risen and it was “late enough” to finally come out of my bedroom. While laying there in bed, barely breathing so I would not miss the faintest of noises, I would conjure up images of twinkling lights and boxes of all shapes and sizes wrapped in the prettiest of paper. The imagining of this scene merely added to my excitement and anticipation until I was nearly ready to pop with joy. It is a wonderful experience to feel this way on a Monday morning in late June when the sun is shining brightly in a crystal-clear blue sky and the air conditioning is blaring to stave off the blasting heat.

Today, I am appreciating… * the opportunity before me to go to glorious Park City and, specifically, the Utah Olympic Park for a business seminar today * the opportunity to broadcast live from this splendid venue * all of the fun and amazing events that fell into place after I told the facilitators that I may be a few minutes late into the seminar because I was planning on broadcasting live at the event my radio show that ended at 9:30, which is when the seminar starts * the A-MAZING, breathtaking performance by Samba Fogo Saturday night at the Utah Arts Festival… there are NO words! * meeting the divinely talented Tanya Doskova at the Utah Arts Festival, discovering a new art medium through her and feeling so inspired about my own art because of speaking with her * the opportunity to be around the wealth of creative energy at the festival * seeing belly dancing and realizing I miss it * hearing and feeling the drums and realizing I miss those too * my life!

Thank You, God, for blessing me so abundantly!

Samba Fogo at Utah Arts Festival

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