Once upon a time… there was a human who could feel what other people were feeling, sense what they were thinking, see what they were not seeing. This human wanted the other humans to feel only gentleness, love, peace, joy. So, this human took on the energy of the pain, the sorrow, the illness, the anger, the fear, the despair, the anxiety, while allowing the other humans to keep their joy, their love, their peace.
This human was shamed for the ability to do these magnificent things. And so this human chose to do it quietly, shyly, without anyone knowing. Because this human was so innately able to receive all the energy, but didn’t know what to do with it all, this human held onto it. It felt like the most loving thing to do. And because this human held onto it, the world became a gentler, more loving, more peaceful, more joyful place.
Inside this human, though, things grew heavy and dark. This human was overwhelmingly sad, exhausted, pained, ill, lethargic, morose, despondent, frustrated. Trapped. In this human’s attempt to support and love everyone, this human began to die a very painful death. Day by day, as this human continued to be of service to everyone by taking on their heavy energies, this human began to break down.
Then one day, this human discovered there were other humans in the same condition. There were MANY humans who were looking for a way out of their plight. There were many humans who were supporting humanity in the very same way and they all. were. dying.
It was a sad day when this human realized that the Sensitives were all dying, they were losing hope, they were losing their way, they were falling apart and dying. Something had to be done or the world would lose all those who were here to uplift humanity!
And so… this human kept going, day by day, doing naturally what this human was born to do to help humanity, side by side with other humans who could do the same thing. They held one another up, each feeling weak and crying out for help, crying out for something to change. These Sensitive humans needed to laugh, to be lightened, to love, to play too. They needed relief. They needed to learn to set *themselves* free.
They needed their own liberation!
REVELution… it is the Sensitives Liberation Movement. Join us now and set yourself free.
For more information about the REVELution and to purchase tickets, visit:

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