One entire afternoon with no scheduled clients and no walk-in clients here at Dancing Cranes, working on whatever odds and ends I *can* do without a working computer, and having the opportunity to connect with, hug, and love on three very dynamic females who are some of my most treasured people… absolutely THE elixir my tender heart needed.

There used to be a time when I would gripe and moan about the fact that I “made no money today.” Today, I can see that the energy of money was generated in spades, all over the place and it WILL reveal itself shortly. Allowing myself to be with the truth of that feels really supportive.

I have put some BIG things into motion in my life, made some heartfelt commitments, and have opened up to possibilities I have never before allowed myself to be open to. Things ARE changing and this ancient distress of crisis/chaos no longer feels like my truth. As I move forward, reminding myself that I AM changing, it is important to me that I recognize that THIS day is all part of the perfection and IS all part of the plan that *I* have put into motion.

And then I remember that it is truly possible that this “quiet” day is a gift in appreciation of and in response to my prayers of respite from the drama/trauma I have been embroiled with over the last several weeks because my Universe is led by a benevolent force.

I choose to look at it THAT way!

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