evil and good

The words “evil” and “good” when placed upon the shoulders of another ARE ONLY A PROJECTION OF YOUR OWN JUDGMENTS!

Deeming someone “evil” because they believe, behave, worship, speak, or look different than you is the utmost form of elitism and says more about YOU than it does about them. Any elitism is divisive and it is that energy of division that we need to clear from this planet if humanity has any chance in hell of surviving.

Stop name calling. Stop pointing fingers. And get really damn clear about what YOU are doing and putting forth into this world. We ain’t ever going to be able to do anything about what is going on in the world if we are unwilling to look at our own shit and do something about that FIRST!

It is a great practice of distraction by focusing on all that is “wrong” in this world and making it about whichever political leader is in the house or is going into the house but, my friends, this catastrophic time that we are in is a DIRECT RESULT of the fact that our own houses – figuratively, literally, financially, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually – are a mess.

Please be conscious of the energy you are putting out and most importantly, take a look at YOUR OWN FOCUS. If you are fixated on our leaders, you are not present for your own life. Get back in your own lane and get busy cleaning up your own shit.

Millgate out.


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