Recently, a client sat in front of me and asked, “Can you tell me if I will ever have another baby?”

I checked in and could see two “little” energies bouncing in and out of her energy field.

I asked, “Do you already have children?”

She explained she had two and had had no problem getting pregnant with them, but had now developed PCOS, so her doctors thought she wouldn’t get pregnant. I didn’t know what PCOS was or what it caused. She explained that it meant she only ovulated every other month or so.

I watched the little energy bodies dancing around her and felt very confused as to why they couldn’t come through. They seemed ready to be born, but couldn’t stay inside her field for very long.

I waited for Spirit’s prompting and felt a very strong nudge to ask, “Do you WANT to have a baby?”

She responded, “I don’t really know.”

I was stunned.

Another nudge came and I asked the question, “Does your husband want a baby?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about it.”

I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped open in disbelief at her response.

My friends, if YOU are not clear about what you want for yourself and if YOU are not willing to have the conversation with those closest to you about what they want out of your relationship, it doesn’t matter what any psychic tells you, it ain’t gonna happen.

You HAVE TO BE WILLING to do your own work, have the discussions, and make the choices.

That is how THIS planet works.

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