As a fluke last night, I was tired and bored and looking for mindless distraction so I plopped myself down and turned on the television. It has been several seasons since I have watched Grey’s Anatomy and I had to stop because I was planning my life around the show. Total fixation. I was happy to see the familiar faces, though.

What I was unprepared for was the content of last night’s show, called Lay Your Hands on Me. It was about faith in healing, about a woman who healed through her hands, about the strength of love and belief in healing, about how healing comes from within not from medicine or surgery or being cut open. It was about my art. I was so moved to see what I do there, right before my eyes on prime time television. I was moved to big tears, worrying my daughter who thought there was something drastically wrong with me. She hasn’t quite come to understand the difference, yet, between tears of sadness, tears of anger, tears of joy or tears that come as a result of simply feeling moved.

I was so moved by this show. I couldn’t stop thinking about and I wondered when it will be that I open the doors and step fully into who I am.

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  1. Undoubtedly there were likely those on the right fringe of religion who thought that. However, there are a lot of evangelical pentecostals that believe in healings and being “caught up in the spirit.” (I’ve seen a few things in my time that, although in a pentecostal setting, were a little whack to me) who might maybe have found it inspiring and affirming…That said, though, you’re right about the ability of t.v. to influence the minds and perceptions of its viewers. Perhaps this will open more viewers to the idea of more holistic approaches to healing than just the standard practice, which seems to be to prescribe a pill for everything little ache that ails us.

  2. C & J~I actually was really shocked to see what I was seeing. “Laying on of hands” is so considered… well… archaic and medieal in the Western medicine field. To see the two of them combined really gave me hope. Now, granted, this WAS television and not real life. However, I do firmly subscribe to the idea that too many people live their lives according to what is popular on television/movies. I imagine though that there were many run-of-the-mill people watching it saying, “Now that was just plain witchcraft, I say. Witchcraft! She’s a witch! Burn her!”

  3. Isn’t it nice to receive positive affirmations in seemingly unconventional manners? I miss that in so much of television these days, which is why I don’t watch much.

  4. Cele says:

    I gave up most programs years ago for just that reason, your whole life evolves around what is on when. But it is nice to see that TV got something righ if it affected you that way.

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