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Public Service Announcement:

While it is sweet and altruistic to believe that you can love and light your way through everything, it is not actually how this dimension works. Yes, you DO need to program your thoughts and intentions to be positive, so your actions follow that. HOWEVER, the TRANSFORMATION is in the ACTION YOU DO.

This realm is about doing and experiencing this life. We CHOSE to come to Earth to experience the sensations of having a human body and being human actually comes with the connotation that you are willing to actually DO something with that body.

Many spiritually-minded people who are seeking Ascension have forgotten that the point of Ascension is to transform ALL OF YOU, not just your mind and spirit. Blast it! Your spirit IS already ascended because it IS divine energy, so in all actuality, there ain’t nothing you can do to it here in this plane to make it any better that it already is; it is already perfected. And while transforming your mind to divine thinking IS powerful, your HUMAN BODY is a gift and your HUMAN BODY demands ACTION.

Now, focus on BEING HUMAN while you’re here and DO SOMETHING – actually DO. SOMETHING. – and start listening to people, for real, dammit!

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