So many things are happening in my life right now and it seems that it all is whirling around me at top speed. Generally, for me, that is a terrifying experience, but this time I am finding the gentle routes through the whirling forces and I am taking my time. I don’t remember a time when I have had so much to face into all at once, all while feeling the emotions that are there for me. I have been aware of each step of the process along the way and how I have experienced each step and what I have been feeling. It has been quite stunning, actually, and has provided me many opportunities to recognize and appreciate myself.

Today, I am grateful for… * having the courage to embark on my new adventure… my radio show, Moments of Awakening, and how much love I feel through the process of producing each show and being present with my MOA tribe * cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and how AWESOME my space feels now that it is all clean * releasing that which no longer serves me, gently and with appreciation * recognizing the ways that I love myself * knowing that Grace works through me * Seeing, Hearing and Feeling * being the best version of myself right now * feeling love.

I am so blessed.

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