I am in the coffee shop. I am surrounded by the smell and sounds of warm coffee. I hear the clickety-click of the keys of numerous laptop keyboards. I see the young man and young woman across from me. She is studiously working on her computer, earphones attached, flourescent glow of the monitor reflecting on her face. Her beau is standing beside her, bending over to be close to her. Occasionally she glances up at him and they exchange the lover’s glance. I watch him gently raise her hair to his face. He rubs the long tresses against his cheek and sighs. He inhales the scent of her from the locks and sighs again. He smiles down at her, kisses her forehead and she sighs.

Oh. The sights and sounds of young love.


I do miss it.

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  1. Oh… but if I did that than I couldn’t be a voyeur, now could I?! LOL

  2. JulieAnn says:

    Hey, we didn’t see you there! You shoulda said ‘hello’. *wink*

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