If you are looking for a “just” a graphic designer to create cool flyers and stuff for you, I am not your girl.

If you are looking to align your business with your Soul Purpose, if you are looking for someone who listens to you AND to your Soul, if you are looking for someone to interpret your vision and support you in clarifying your Purpose, if you are looking for someone who can support you in tapping into your limitless possibilities, if you are willing to be transformed in the process, I AM your girl.

Not only do I “just” do graphic design and create cool flyers and other amazing things, I support you in going through the fears, dismantling the sabotaging beliefs, and healing the energy leaks that have been detracting from your ultimate success.

I AM an Energy Healer and a Graphic Designer. This means, when you hire me, you are hiring someone who understands energy and is able to translate the language of your Soul so that everything you bring into this world is crystal clear. When you hire me, you experience someone who really Sees you and brings healing energy so that you can open yourself up to your Infinite Divine nature. When you hire me, you bring The Phoenix into your world, which means you align yourself with the energy of Transformation.

Working with me is not a match for everyone. I expect my clients to be READY, WILLING, and ABLE to get to work. I expect my clients to continually show up and uphold their agreements. I expect my clients to fully engage in transforming their lives and businesses. I expect my clients to understand that I don’t “fix” them, but instead I hold them in a space of Divine Truth and Order so they are able to heal and transform. I expect all of this AND I match it.

If your heart is racing right now and you feel like you may be onto something, drop me an email and let’s get this conversation started. I’d like to see if we’re a match. I’d like to see if YOU are the next transformational experience I will be honored to witness.

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