As I sit here this morning wondering what to call my post, I’m noticing that all I’ve got is… nothing. It is an interesting sensation as a writer to sit down and have no words, but today is a different experience. Today, I feel so calm and relaxed after my morning workout that I’m actually in a space of total openness. Creative, open space. There is nothing concrete in my mind right now and it feels delicious.

Today, I am so appreciating… * the sensation of being in open space and feeling calm and relaxed in that space * ’80s music * my phone… it’s such a cool invention! * how the topic of this week’s shows – accountability – is changing my life * finally beginning to understand what it means to truly love myself * the fun, upcoming events… feels like approaching Christmas Eve! * stretching my body * feeling what it feels like when my body moves * shadows * the ability to see faeries * feeling.

I love my life.

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