Acting Your Age

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I recently had the honor and privilege of sitting before a very deliciously wonderful woman with whom I was immediately entranced. She was delightful in every sense of the word! She was a brilliant light, witty, generous of spirit, overflowing with love, and – the coolest part – she spoke my language!!! When she began talking with me and using words that are now part of my native, conscious-thinking tongue, I felt my eyes grow wide and happiness bubbling within me. She gets me!!!

It was a joyful occasion because often I feel as though I am an alien on this planet. So, whenever I find another being who innately talks my talk and walks it, I rejoice.

While I got to know her, I realized there was a sort of wisdom that she held that came from living her talk for a very long time. Because of this, I immediately assumed I was the younger of the two because she just seemed older than me. Now, she didn’t look older than me, but boy! Her energy was solidly grounded in eons of practicing consciousness.

In my time here, I have met many old souls – people who have travelled this world for many lifetimes, that have a lot of learning and wisdom under their wings. However, there is a difference between an old soul and an old Earthling. And, while she didn’t look to be “old,” she seemed to be in the most gracious, luscious of ways. She was the full embodiment of elegance and home.

So, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when she revealed she was the same age as me. I nearly gasped when she shared that. Even though she didn’t look or feel like an “old” Earthling, she felt… wise. (Interesting to attempt to put this experience with her into words.)

As I learned more about her, I realized that she has been living her talk for her entire life because she was born into a pioneering family – a family who began waves of conscious-thinking work here in Utah long before conscious-thinking was popular. Her life has been built on a solid foundation of accountability, self-actualization, feeling emotions, moving her body, and speaking authentically – everything that I am about now. She has lived this her entire life.

Hence the reason she felt wise.

There is a certain grace that comes through practice. When a child is first learning to walk, they fall down over and over and, sometimes, they get really hurt. But they get back up. And they keep trying. Until, one day, walking is second nature and they move about with ease. Then they start running. They have to understand that rhythm and get used to it. Until… they run with ease, until they no longer have to think about it.

Learning new things takes time and practice until they become a way of life, until you no longer have to think about it. And, when you are transforming yourself in that way, support – like a parent holding a toddler’s hand – is important. So, find someone you trust, someone who is walking the talk you would like to be speaking and follow in their footsteps, hold their hands, until you can make it on your own.

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