Dear Profoundly Sensitive People, ( #Creatives #Sensitives)

It is possible for Sensitives to learn too much – too many modalities, too many new ways to categorize themselves. There’s segregation by appropriate soul profile number, by leadership number, by nine written personality types, by soul group, by zodiac, and so many more. We learn about these categories – what is typical behavior, hair style, look, fashions, thought processes, and so forth – and suddenly we have this clear, concise way to judge ourselves by how we’re supposed to be doing life according to this number we’ve been labeled with or group we supposedly originate from.

While there is a lot of information in every one of these categorical systems, they are not the definitive solution for humans; they are meant to be guidelines. It becomes very tempting to say, “I am a one. Therefore I am bubbly, creative, and have curly hair,” because that’s what the geniuses of the One System came up with, but then an underlying discontent can arise when your naturally straight hair will not cooperate to hold curl or you feel blocked and out of ideas or when you are having a particularly hard stretch of time and cannot muster fizz, let alone bubbles.

As I’ve gone along my spiritual journey, I have encountered many of these profiling systems and have watched people – myself included – get caught up in the gospel of whatever system is being declared THE BEST WAY. I’ve been witness to clients falling apart because they cannot live up to the high expectations embedded within the new best way by which they have been categorized. I’ve seen explosions happening because their latest title of “Guru” or “Leader” or “King” or “Peaceful Warrior” or “One” or “Ruler of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan” feels more foreign to them than being deposited on a different planet. The pressure to live up to the new best way just becomes another way they can categorize themselves and another way in which they can judge whether they are being enough or not enough.

Humans have a tendency to need to label and categorize everything. It helps them to feel more comfortable if “it” is labeled because then the ego can say, “Oh yeah. That makes sense. I see it now. And now that I know this, to keep you safe, we must always adhere to this.” That very process is the reason that I believe that these profiling systems are dangerous. When you find out that you are the Ruler of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan, then your ego insists on comparing everything you do to the prescribed attributes for the Ruler of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan and when you fall short – when you are human – it berates you. And, in truth, your ego is continually going to tell you that you’re falling short so that you will eventually give up and go back to being safe.

The pressure of these labels, for Sensitives, is that it is one more way that they can be divided and set apart from humanity. It is one more way that they can be told they aren’t enough or they are too loud or they are broken or they are too nosy or they wiggle too much because the rest of the Rulers of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan behave much more properly. Innately, within any system that categorizes and labels individuals, there is divisiveness… “YOU are merely a peasant and *I* am the Ruler,” or “YOU are a One and *I* am a Two, therefore you go over there, you lowly One.” We learn our number or our title and suddenly, there becomes an “us” and “them” into which we slowly mold ourselves.

Although your soul was generated from cool places – probably long ago on some faraway star or now nonexistent planet – which gives you certain tendencies, or because you were born at a specific time, or because your face is shaped a certain way, you *do* have tendencies that lean in a specific direction. However, these tendencies are merely hints at the magnificence of you. You are so much more than the Ruler of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan. Don’t let that category pigeonhole you into being less of yourself or, worse, into frustrating you out of your purpose. Being Ruler of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan – or whatever title you’ve identified with… healer, psychic, One, Reformer, Scorpio, Reflector – is only a component of your magnificent self, not your whole self. It is a way of identifying and labeling what you do… not who you are. And although it is a blast to claim your title and stand up and be brave and shout to the world, “I am a Ruler of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan,” remember that you are so much more than that.

If you are a Profoundly Sensitive Person, my invitation to you is this: be careful which new gospel you bring into your world. While it is awesome to learn that Rulers of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan always wear purple with straight lines, speak authoritatively, and carry an almond shaped shield while hopping on one foot prior to going to the podium, it can be restrictive and abusive. You are a unique human being who was created for a beautiful, unique purpose here on this planet and you have been designed with a very specific set of gifts and tools. Embrace all of you and stop trying to live up to someone else’s description of how you should behave, act, dress, and what career path you should follow based on your full name and date of birth.

Editorial Note: Given that I have not researched The Great Spaghetti Monster Clan’s rules and bylaws and have NO idea what the Ruler of said clan is supposed to behave like, all suggested attributes given to the Ruler and the clan in the above writing is purely rhetorical and in no way meant to be disrespectful. Please do not turn me into a meatball.


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2 Responses to On Being the Ruler of the Great Spaghetti Monster Clan

  1. Dad Millgate says:

    Are creating a new category, Sensitive People? Your new tagline is very descriptive of what you have done for some time. Your accomplishments transform more than heal a person’s life. Not only have you been able to help others, you have done a great job for yourself. I am very proud of who you have become. Yet saddened by the fact that you took a different path in achieving the transformation. Yes; I speak of the gospel plan, not so much the church. We both are spirit children of a Father in Heaven. That single concept applies to the human race regardless of time, place or up-bringing.
    Your father has come to understand that his children may never see the outcome he is striving for. That is OK; for you and yours are still his children and nothing will change that fact.

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