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“If you had one wish, Angie, and you had to use it to change the world, what would you wish for?”

When that question was posed to me, I thought about it for several days. I wanted to wish for so many things that I could see would transform the world, but I needed to narrow it down to one. One? Wow…

Upon thinking about it, I realized there was actually one thing at the core of every other wish that I would make… Love. In light of that, it made it easy to uncover my solitary wish to change the world. I would wish that each person lived by the simple creed, “Love One Another.”

This statement appears eleven times in the KJ Bible, three of those times the quote is directly attributed to Jesus the Christ, “As I have loved you, love one another.” It was how He lived His 30+ years while here – He loved everyone. It is a seemingly simple statement, only three words, but it is deceptively difficult to live because it can be difficult to love your neighbor when his dog is continually pooping on your lawn or when she drives under the influence and kills your loved one or when he believes in facing Mecca to pray five times a day or when her skin is a contrast to yours or when he beats your daughter or when she has an abortion or when he’s a liberal or when she’s a conservative or when he loves a man or when she loves a woman or when he lives on the streets or when she is a whore or when he is a drug dealer or when she is a stripper or when he is a gang leader or when she stars in porn or when he wears a turban or when she wears a Burka.

We are different, us humans. Each of us is a unique being with individual feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Even when raised in the same religion as another, our beliefs can still vary. Because of our differences and the appearance of supposed separation from another, we can have a difficult time remembering the simple commandment, “Love One Another.”

Love is the most powerful healing force. When we live by the creed, “Love One Another,” it erases the boundaries of our differences. It also makes it impossible to treat another inhumanely because loving one another begins with the self, it starts within you. If you love yourself then you honor yourself, cherishing your value. When you honor yourself, you cannot dishonor another.

Loving one another results in a world where humans are valued – all humans are valued – simply because they are alive. Their divinity is respected and their difference accepted. There is no division, there is none greater or lesser than. Love is the great equalizer.

I can think of no greater wish than that… that we Love One Another.

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