My dad just said to me, “Angie, sounds like today may be the start of a new life.” I think he may be onto something. Today is the day that I’ve chosen to begin my purpose-path in a way unlike anything I’ve tried before. I’m going solo on the airwaves and following my dream of bringing the message of Love to the world. In addition, I have a job interview in three hours for a position in a company that will fit perfectly into my life – time and money-wise. I feel very blessed to be doing both my radio show, Moments of Awakening, in about 15 minutes, (which, I’d LOVE for you to join me if you can… listen in, call in, send feedback if ya want… and, if you can’t join me live, the archives are always available) and a job interview for a position doing something I’m excellent at. And, as my wake up music by Michael Buble’ says, “It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. And I’m feeling good!”

Today, I am grateful for… * the fact that it feels like Christmas morning right now and all the fear I was experiencing last night has moved right on through * speaking with my loved ones in Seattle and feeling so surrounded by love * venturing out on my own is no longer a terrifying venture * knowing that He is there, guiding me and walking with me * loving myself enough to face into the fear and go right on through it * answered prayers that are answered in such a way that I cannot deny they have been answered!

I am so very blessed, indeed!

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