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Divinely Sensitive People…

Your senses absorb a lot of information because you are designed to interpret information that way. Perhaps you are extremely bothered by strong scents or loud music makes your body hurt or pungent food won’t stay in your belly. Maybe you are allergic to everything under the sun – gluten, nuts, soy, dairy, grass, dogs, dust, weeds – so it seems like every way you turn, you’re having a reaction. Sometimes it can be really frustrating and often you have difficulty functioning at an easeful pace because of it.

When you are at the effect of your Sensitivity – when it runs your life and dictates every aspect of your life – it can be exhausting and depressing. Your Sensitivity is a gift. When you embrace it and empower yourself to be at peace with it, loving it, and living WITH your Sensitivity, your life becomes more gentle and loving. Your Sensitivity is a blessing, but if you view it as a curse, it will always be experienced as such.

This is a free will, at-choice planet. How are you choosing to interact with your Sensitivity?

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