For all you Millennials who are raising the profoundly sensitive babies who have such difficulty aligning with this planet’s energies, which causes them to be inconsolable at times, to seem frequently overcharged emotionally, and to behave as though they have only two levels: out of control and exceedingly out of control… I love you so much. I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

I am aware that the parents of children who have been born since around the turn of this century are being faced with a level of extremes that have rarely been seen on this planet. These magical children can range from catatonic behaviors in one moment and then, in the next instance, be wailing, fighting, and screaming bloody murder – literally calling for death to come upon everyone around them.

These children know no bounds. They are so out of sync with this planet because of its linear, constricting constructs that have dominated this planet for too long. These children carry within them the curvilinear blueprints for platforms that actually support our beingness. That is why they have come; they are an effort to help the human race succeed.

I have observed many parents attempt to find unsteady footing in an environment in which NO amount of traditional parenting will help. In fact, parenting in the “old ways” results in an all-out war where no one wins, the parent feels whipped, and the child rampages in destructive and often harming ways. The level of fear and frustration in the process of intuitively parenting these children can be paralyzing at times, where the parent wants to lie down and simply NOT stop the child anymore because they have run out of ideas to try. The adult grows exhausted, feeling like a wounded child in need of being rescued themselves and this often results in a spiral of shame-thoughts like, “I am the adult here! I SUCK at parenting!”

For those of you with more than one of these incredible children in your home, who are doing everything you can to keep everyone in your home safe while you try to understand something that we have no training to understand and you go day-to-day feeling as though you are failing at every turn, please know that you are doing a remarkable job. You are THE EXACT person the children in your home chose because YOU are the person they need to grow with so they can become the person they are here to be.

Yes, it can be trying, exhausting, and even, at times, a seemingly hopeless calling to parent these magnificent beings. It brings you to your knees more often than you can count. It strips away all that you knew to be true and throws you into the unknown time and time again. It causes you to question yourself, your abilities, and your very existence, at times. It can result in you falling into bed each night with tears on your face, so tired you cannot sleep, and then, if you do fall asleep, you are met with fitful nightmares in which you struggle against unseen foes and unresolvable trials.

Thank you for the immense courage it takes for you to rise each day, face the terror of not knowing how to be the parent, and for breathing through the tug of war within you that happens when your child escalates at an alarming rate.

I See you. I Hear you. I Feel you. You are not alone. I honor you as you maneuver your breathtaking journey along a path that no one could have ever prepared you for. Thank you.

And… please remember: BREATHE.

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  1. Hi, it’s so great to read this post. I am a mum of a two years baby. I am interested in reading such topics, helping me kill my time and feeding my soul with a sense of peace.
    Thank you so much! Please keep writing and sharing!

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