Angie is available to be booked for
private parties and group events.


Services Angie offers for these events:

  • Phoenix Touch mini sessions allowing each guest to experience mini hands-on healing sessions.
  • Intrinsic Universe mini or small readings.
  • Combination of both, allowing guests to choose what sort of work they would like to do.

Details about events:

  • Held at location of host’s choosing.
  • Reserves 3-hour block of time for the event.
  • $350 non-refundable fee payable in full at time of booking event.
  • Events outside Salt Lake county will be assessed travel fee depending on desired location.
  • Changes and cancellations must be done prior to 48 hours of event.
  • Under 48 hours prior to event, $100 change/cancellation fee applies.
  • Host receives a complimentary 60-minute one-on-one session with Angie as a thank you.

Host chooses type of event:

  • Short private one-on-one sessions (15-30 minutes, depending on number of guests) in a separate room while the guests are entertained in the main room:
    • In the past, hosts that have used this option have charged up to $50/person entrance fee.
    • This type has been done at bridal showers, birthday parties, etc where there is something else going on at the event so that the guests don’t get bored while awaiting their turn.
    • Hosts have also done this as a gift to their loved ones, paying the fee up front and allowing their party guests to enter the door for free.
    • This type is usually done in conjunction with a luncheon or light dinner.
    • Great for groups of shy people that want to do their work privately.
    • Hosts can also set it up so that their guests come and go at their individual times and receive individual mini sessions/readings, rather than doing an entire party.


  • Individual sessions/readings in the midst of the group:
    • This type is powerful because everyone in the space benefits from the work done for each guest.
    • Can be used for larger groups, although the larger the group, the less opportunities there are for individual sessions/readings.
    • Door fee has been around $20/person.
    • Great for good friends, close families, and those who don’t mind talking about personal stuff in a group setting.
    • Good at these events has ranged from none to simple finger foods to full meals.

To ask questions about events or to book Angie:

Contact Angie for more information

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