So I posted some time ago on Facebook that I was creating my own version of the “Peaceable Kingdom” and many people requested pictures. Because I had chosen to create it as a gift for my father and stepmother – a work of love, filled with gratitude – I opted to not post any pictures during the process, lest the surprise leak. However, I did take pictures as the project progressed and, I must say, I am so touched by the final masterpiece. The first time I stood back from it near the end and could see what I had created, I had tears running down my cheeks and I felt breathless with awe and wonder. I created THAT?!

It was an empowering process and I hope you enjoy the little video that shows the steps I took to get to the final piece…


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  1. To witness this creation flowing through it’s phases moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing the amazing piece of art and also the process that it went through. Beautiful!

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