I am in the last phase of my Fall 2011 semester at school. It’s “Finals Week” and I’m surprised to discover that I’m actually LOVING the finals! I know. Weird!

Thing is… I’ve learned that my perception really does have everything to do with how I experience my life. I can choose to be scared and tense and think that I’m going to tank. Or… I can just roll with it, have fun where I can and do my utmost best.

I chose to have fun this semester. (It helps that I’ve completed my Gen Ed degree so now all of my classes are only major-related. So, therefore, they’re all creative.) So, I’ve had a lot of fun. As a result of this mindset, I’ve put more effort into my projects, spent a lot more time on them than was required and have produced some really fabulous stuff. All while loving it.

Life is like that. You choose how your life is going to play out from one moment to the next. The most incredible thing of all is… even when you are in your darkest moments, you have a choice on how you’re going to experience them. I love that about life.

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