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Image courtesy of and linked to originating site

Image courtesy of and linked to originating site

The Power of Energy

by Angie Millgate of Moments of Awakening (4-Aug-2008)

“I’m out of energy,” is an oft-used phrase of the 21st century. Life is fast-paced so it’s no wonder we feel that way and, without the use of chemical substances, there seems to be no respite. For centuries, however, millions of people have practiced a natural, gentle, non-evasive means for energy restoration: Reiki Energy Facilitation (REF).

Reiki, loosely translated from Japanese to English, means Universal Life Force, or the energy within each of us that makes us alive. A Reiki Master is trained in the art of guiding this energy to ease pain and discomfort, reduce stress or to relax the mind and body. Many studies indicate that physical ailments and disease begin in the emotions and thoughts prior to manifesting physically. When working with a Reiki Master, the client is able to heal the most primordial aspects of their humanness by working to restore their own energy systems to healthy wholeness.

The practice of REF is an alternative healing therapy wherein the client remains clothed and can be seated or lying down. Some Reiki Masters will gently lay their hands upon the client’s body, at various points to direct the energy. Other Masters’ hands may simply hover above the body, without any physical contact. REF can be used to work with any ailment, disorder or disease and, because it is so gentle, it can be used immediately following any physical injury.

REF has been used in conjunction with modern, western medical techniques to reduce pain in end-stage metastatic cancer patients. It has been used for assisting patients in renal failure, as well as strengthening the body after sports injuries and countless other physical traumas. As a support to psychological therapy, REF is beneficial in releasing post traumatic stress syndrome, ongoing effects from childhood sexual abuse and birth trauma, to name a few. REF is fast becoming the alternative therapy of choice for those seeking to move forward in their lives with less drama, while maintaining their desired level of living.

The most gifted Reiki Masters are those who have been trained under the premise that they hold themselves and the client in a space of the highest good for all concerned. These Masters are trained to see their clients as whole, rather than being in need of “fixing.” The strength of this vision increases the power of their support because they see their clients as perfect in each and every moment. These Masters are committed to being a pure conduit dedicated to health and healing. They are trained in the ability to channel the universal energy so that neither the client nor the Master is left feeling empty or exhausted by the end of the session.

In addition to running out of energy, this fast-paced world is leading us to less and less human contact. When we are trying to organize our lives to move in a healthier direction, it can become painfully obvious how alone we are in the endeavor. Having the presence of a Reiki Master to stand in witness of the progress lends to quicker and more noticeable growth. Reiki Masters are able to see the areas of their client’s lives where there are energy leaks and support them in finding solutions that create a solid foundation for a more stable life.

Working with a Reiki Master can be relaxing and energizing, eye-opening and life-clarifying all at the same time. REF is a subtle process with impressive results, wherein the client can discover their own wholeness, eradicate disease and create new, healthier thinking patterns. It generates a space where they are able to step into their divine genius and create the life they have always wanted, all while boosting their energy so they no longer feel depleted.

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