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As a Sensitive, you do things really quickly. You’re able to transform at top-speed and can literally think things into being, nearly in the blink of your eye. Because of the speed of your abilities, it is important that you are clear. It’s imperative that you are aware of what you are doing, thinking, feeling, and speaking. It’s also crucial that you are conscious of your energy, energy boundaries, and what you are taking on.

The speed of your life can result in you taking for granted that which you do. Because you “think it into being,” it can become easy to slide into the practice of allowing your subconscious mind to do the work, believing that, if you program it for empowerment, it will do all the transformation for you. There is some truth in that. The subconscious mind can do the transformation work – and it needs to because that is where all your sabotaging beliefs are stored – but, if you do not bring conscious presence to it, the transformation never solidifies.

This concept came into my awareness the other day when my Guides reminded me in several different ways over a 24-hour period that my meditative intention was required in all aspects of my life. Because I do things with intention, I was confused by this guidance, so I went deeper with the information and opened up for the learning I needed to see. What I discovered is, I had begun to take for granted my ability to “do everything with intention” and I had stopped vocalizing that intention. I had stopped using my voice.

Part of the way my Guides got my attention was to implant this song in my mind:

Come little children
I’ll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children
The time’s come to play
Here in my garden of magic

That song is so powerful because Sarah used her voice to evoke magic. She literally was present for and sang into being the magic she wanted to create. That is the power of presence and magic. When you are present for what you want to create, you create it, and you have the energy to do so because your energy follows your presence.

Doing work in the subconscious is necessary AND doing corresponding work on the conscious mind is the key. When you are aware of, intentional about, and present for the work you are doing on all levels, that is where the manifestation happens. If you only do work through subliminal methods in the subconscious, there will be subtle changes, but unless you bring awareness to it, you may miss it.

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2 Responses to Relying on Your Subconscious Mind to do Your Work is Not the Key to Transformation

  1. Yudith says:

    I enjoyed reading your article. Very interesting insights about the power of presence and the importance of our conscious mind to transform our subconscious mind. Thank you.

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