For all of my life, THIS is how I have approached politics. I had no understanding of how it worked, no tolerance for what I judged as being a stupid system, and no patience for learning anything about the history of any of it. It just all seemed so… stupid and arbitrary.

“Because of my Sensitivities,” was how I rationalized my ignorance, “Because it hurts too much.” I could ONLY judge all things political as being outside of me because I didn’t want it to be part of me. I didn’t want to be part of it. I made my empathic, intuitive, and psychic gifts the “reason” for why I stayed out of it, when in reality that was just a pathetic excuse. And, honestly, it was REALLY disrespectful of my divine abilities. My abilities to understand my pain and transmute it to Light are so profound that by, me claiming “watching the news hurts me” or whatever lame excuse I gave, I was actually saying, “This horrible world is more powerful than me,” and well… really… that just AIN’T THE TRUTH!

A dear friend posted this morning, “Ignorance is not bliss. It’s Ignorance and has blinding power.” I instantly wanted to jump on it, which is a sign that I was in defense. A sign that there was SOMETHING for me to look at. So, look, I did. With a deep breath, I asked myself, “What is the truth in that, for me?”

What came out was this: My experience has been that ignorance can only be blissful as long as someone continues to be deaf, dumb, blind, mute, and uneducated. As soon as any of those things shift, the false bliss suddenly comes crashing down and the resulting pain from the awareness of what has been ignored in the name of “blissful ignorance” is often much more excruciating than it would have been had I chosen to pay attention in the first place…

DING! DING! DING! Suddenly, I saw just how important it was for me to look underneath my belief that I cannot politically engage because it “hurts too much to do so.”

Thing is, I teach that we are here, at this time, ON THIS PLANET and IN THIS COUNTRY because we CHOSE IT. This planet – and all its weirdness and idiosyncrasies – is an AT WILL place. WE ARE HERE BY CHOICE. I also teach that we are all created from the same stuff: ENERGY. Our human bodies, no matter where we are born, are made from the same minerals. WE ALL COME FROM THE SAME SOURCE.

Therefore, what happens to one of us, happens to all of us.

I have known this, logically, for almost two decades now. I have known it intrinsically for about ten years. I am just beginning to understand it emotionally.

What is going on now IS important to every one of us. And it IS important that we educate ourselves on TRUTHS through credible sources. Everyone’s interpretations of those truths are going to be different, though, because that is our human right – uniqueness. What is important is that as #DearSensitives, we begin to strengthen our own inner compasses and adhere to that truth, while being open to hearing the truths of others. It is also important that we become impeccable about our “NO” and honoring our own boundaries first, while respectfully honoring the boundaries of others. As I said in a recent post, this does NOT mean that you have to tolerate abuse or attack. Choosing abuse in the name of love is NOT Love.

In light of the awareness I have now come to, I am CHOOSING to educate myself on what is truly happening in my country. This means I am selectively listening to and reading credible sources. It means I take EVERY SINGLE THING put out through any media source with a dose of wide-eyed-openness and a lot of salt. It means I am listening to those who have SHOWN ME their commitment to the truth. And above all else, it means I am trusting ME.

It also means, there will be a lot more open dialogue here on my Facebook wall. I have a strong commitment to listening and learning. I welcome heated debate, even. My Kait stated to me yesterday, “Both of my parents are argumentative and will debate for hours on end. I cannot imagine why EITHER OF YOU are surprised that I am argumentative too.”

Hearing her say those words, actually gave me pause. I had been lying to myself for all my life, saying that I was completely agreeable with everyone and everything, that I “never” argue. The punch to my gut told me I HAD TO look at what was in there. So, look, I did. And I discovered that I had a few subconscious beliefs about being someone who “argues.” For me to be “argumentative” meant that I was inherently “bad,” that speaking up would get me in big trouble, and using my voice was not acceptable. I had no friggin’ idea that those beliefs were still buried somewhere in there, but they were, all while I have been fighting, in one way or another, my whole life for the underdogs. I have been standing up for and arguing about causes I believe in for all my life, but I did so while believing it was wrong to do so. Talk about having myself over a barrel!

The truth is, I AM argumentative and WILL debate anything that I am passionate about. With the help of some very close beloved people in my life, I am now learning the craft of “Respectful Disagreement.”

My wall is a space that welcomes Respectful Disagreement. Because I KNOW that everyone’s truth is their own, I do not expect you to agree with all that I say/do – or even *anything* I say/do. However, let it be known from this point forth… if you reply with ANY languaging that is attacking, belittling, or degrading to ANY of my posts or ANY replies to any of my posts, it will result in immediate blocking, no questions asked. That is my only “rule” as I go forward into this space of questioning and learning: be respectful in your comments. If you find value in anything I do or say, honor that rule and things will be perfectly lovely.


Just so you know… my Empathic, Intuitive, and Psychic abilities work SPLENDIDLY when it comes to online interactions so avoid the temptation to just sneak one in, thinking I’ll not catch it.



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