I feel scared.

Something has happened.

I have no words and, for a writer, that is a very scary place to be. There is nothing there to blog about. There is nothing there for me to create a Meditation of the Week around. Nothing.

So, I got scared out of my mind and, apparently, when I did, my words went with it.

Think the words will ever come back?

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  1. Thank you for the reminder, Jay. And that is exactly what happened… in the silence I found my answers.:)

  2. Silence can be frightening. But it can also have its place in our life and process.”A fast of words, a struggle with silence, can teach us how we misuse them. To be without words refurbishes our sense of their radiance. Silence can create space above the chatter. It allows one to hear what might otherwise be ignored.”- David J. Wolpe, In Speech and In Silence: The Jewish Quest for God, (Henry Holt, 1992)Sometimes, the challenge is to learn to be comfortable sitting quietly with ourselves…

  3. They did come back after a phone call with my former husband. Thankfully. And then I realized that they were there all along. I was blocking them with my fear. Silly me. đŸ˜‰

  4. Cele says:

    Ah damn I totally hate when that happens. But they will come back, you need some good margaritas and a quiet sunset of meditation.

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