“Satan is the father of ALL LIES…” ???

One of my friends posted about how she is a voice against domestic violence and for the women and children who are victims of it. It was a great post, talking about how the ripples of her sharing helps those who have lost their voice to feel less alone. She talked about how there is so much secrecy in this area of our society.

One of her friends responded, “satan who is the father of ALL LIES wants to keep any abuse SECRET…”

When I read that, I felt angry.

That is SUCH a lie that has been constructed by humans and religion. Satan is NOT the creator of lies… whomever is doing the lying IS the creator of the lie. Lying is a choice. Fabricating realities so you can deal with life is a choice. Remaining silent is a choice. Domestic violence is a choice. Remaining in domestic violence is a choice. ALL of it is choice. It has NOTHING to do with Satan, which is a religious construct.

Although society is currently only focused on the physical aspect of domestic violence, it hits every level of human existence – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, psychic, karmic, financial, and sexual – and it IS, sadly, a mostly-silent crime. The perprators are powerful persuaders of silence and the victims adhere to that persuasion as a means of survival. There IS a lot of uncertainty for the women and children in these situations and a lot of negotiating away their sanity and ignoring their intuition so they can survive. It is an insidious and pervasive crime that IS cloaked in lies.

Satan is NOT the one creating this situation. HUMANS ARE.

Satan is a cop out. Blaming Satan for this reality is the perpetuation of damaging lies. Defaulting to it being Satan behind all of this takes it out of the realm of being able to do anything about it.

The only way ANY of us humans are going to make a difference in this reality is if WE stop CHOOSING to abuse one another and we develop ways to heal, rehabilitate, and CHANGE the cycles of the past. THAT is where the power is.

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