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Today, as I lay on my bed, contemplating life as is my habit after a hot shower, I stared at the ceiling like I have done so many times over the last six years. It is a textured ceiling, covered in smoothed-out splats of plaster. The texture fascinates me, holding on to my attention and pulling my eyes through the various curves, crevices, and plateaus. I can spend a lot of time gazing at the ceiling, seeing new objects and characters, just as I can do with clouds.

My eyes were eventually drawn to a pattern that I had never noticed before. I thought I had carefully perused all of the texture, but I had never seen this exact image before. Perhaps it was a slight change in my perspective that shifted the image, but there it was in front of me, nearly as plain as day, a man and a woman dancing.

I stared at the scene for quite some time, making up a story about their adventures on the rococo ballroom floor as the swish of silk petticoats and sway of bustles and hoop skirts filled my senses. Suddenly, an entire, vastly rich setting of pastels and gold unfolded before my eyes and it seemed as though I could hear the orchestra playing the schnazzy waltz.

I smiled as my mind’s eye followed the two dancing around the marble floors, their compatriots in perfect, swirling rhythm with them and then I felt myself be swept into the movement, twirling, 1-2-3-ing around the room. It was lovely.

Often times I find that my vision will open to my past at quite unexpected moments, but what I’ve discovered to be true every time is that it opens when I am in my creative flow. When I am tapped into my innate ability to hold stories sacred, when I am allowing my creative eyes to watch and my spirit to participate, I am then blessed with the knowing of what once was. It is a delicious experience, although in the beginning it was quite confusing and frustrating.

Life presents opportunities wherein we can shift our perspective to see another angle of the situation to help us understand it better, or to see it in an entirely different light. When we are willing to be with the situation, simply holding space for it to unfold for us, then we are gifted with the blossoming of the truth. Allowing ourselves to be open to the possibility that we are not seeing the entire picture in that moment gives us space for what we may be missing to appear before us.

Through being willing to be open to the possibility of there being more than what you are seeing, you open to the Divine and all that is. And, it is in that moment that you will be granted the privilege of seeing what was once hidden.


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2 Responses to You’re Lookin’ but You Ain’t Seein’

  1. Pete says:

    I’ve found that true vision come from learning that the eyes have been taught to see in a certain way, they need to be untrained. To stop the brain from deciding what we see, and instead see what is truly there…

    • Angie K. Millgate says:

      Grandfathersky, thank you for that reminder. That is something I chose to open up to while in school so that I could create realistic art. To be successful at that, I had to look at not what I “thought” I saw, but rather what was really there, in the smallest of details.

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