It’s Saturday and I felt motivated when I awoke for real this morning at 9:45 after three false starts. One at 6:45 am because they were up. One at 7:30 am because they were up with their talk-radio blasting the weather/traffic reports. One at 8:00 because she was making dinner. Aiy-aiy-aiy….

When I finally awoke, although still feeling sluggish from all the false starts, I wanted to get stuff done. I washed sheets. I washed all the laundry. I cleaned the community bathroom which my daughter and I (and everyone else who stops by, since it is in the main part of the house) use. It was disgusting and I know that she and I are not the only people using it because, as far as I can confirm, urine goes in the toilet bowl, not behind the seat and down the side and on the floor, when you sit down to use the toilet.

I am thinking that the sudden urge to clean is part of the process of moving me toward that which is in store for me this year. Not only do I have the urge to cleanse my physical surroundings, but also my physical self inside. Today was the first day of my fifteen-day cleanse.

And while this is a rather lame post, I felt the need to post it. If for no other reason than to prove to myself that on one day in my life, I actually wanted to clean!

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