Have you had the experience of waking while dreaming and the dream is one in which you are so terribly sad or scared or missing someone and, when you wake, the residue of it permeates your system, making it difficult to discern if it was real or just a dream? I have. Just this morning. It is an interesting experience and I’ve been unable to shake the images and the emotions of it. So wild!

Today, I am appreciating… * the absolutely stunning dawn of this day * the sound of birds in my neighborhood * following the flow of “what is” on my radio show, having NO idea going into it what I was going to say and pulling it off effortlessly anyway * the experience of enjoying math yesterday… I NEVER thought I would say that sentence! * the conversation I had with a beautiful British woman last night for hours on her porch as the sun set * the tender love I witness in my daughter when she is with the boy who reflects that tender love back to her * having the ability to do what needs to get done when it needs to get done * the healing power of water * feeling relief * being comfortable with “what is” in my life and realizing that I AM in an amazing space even though it looks nothing like I had hoped it would * that I am releasing myself from the bondage of expectation.

I feel so very blessed and continually thank God for how beautiful my life truly is.

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