I once thought I could do nothing right. No matter how hard I tried, I failed at programs that guaranteed me success. No matter how much money I put into training and workshops and seminars and retreats and workshops and workshops and workshops and programs and more workshops, I wasn’t in a reciprocal cycle and the money was pouring out of me without return. I experienced frustration and doubt and more frustration because I just simply could not make “their” programs work for me.

Yes, these trainers and coaches had great insights. Yes, I learned astronomical things from them. Yes, they had proven methods that worked. For them. Yes, they were six-figure income earners. Yes, they had published books and credibility and “proof” that they could do it. And yes, for some, listening to these amazing trainers and coaches did do the trick.

However, what I witnessed time and again was a lot of people like me paying those trainers and coaches who were training and coaching “us” to become little clones of themselves. I witnessed “us” purchasing programs and signing mentoring contracts and getting on “that” trainer’s coattails and riding off into the sunset, never to be seen again. I have seen only a very select few of those people who were sitting beside me on folding chairs in massive workshops become as successful as those trainers and coaches upon whose coattails they rode off. Very few succeeded.

Why is that?

Some would say the few who rose above the crowd did so because they followed every single step of their clone-master’s systems to the very letter of the law. Some would say they succeeded because they were tenacious and persistent and committed to their dreams. Some would say they got “there” because they did not give up. Some would maybe even say they were “lucky.”

That is all possible true. Tenacity, persistence, commitment to dreams, and a willingness to take action IS necessary for success. However, if you are already tenacious, persistent, committed, and willing to do anything it takes to make it work, and you are doing everything you have been told, then why aren’t you the one that is standing at the top of the money pinnacle like those six-figured trainers and coaches? Why isn’t it you that is receiving the money from the people in the crowd who are longing to be where you are standing? And, for those who, sadly, have to throw in the towel and buy their way out of a costly mentoring contract because it doesn’t seem to be working, what happened there? Why didn’t it work for you? And why didn’t it work for me?

Shift with me for a moment…

I recently watched The Shift for the fourth or fifth time and, when I turned it off, I felt excited because the information in the movie that is presented by Dr. Wayne Dyer is so fascinating, liberating, and life changing. And also of what I learned through the seemingly unending process of all those workshops and coattail riding I put myself through.

What I have discovered is that “their” systems don’t work for me because it is “their” system. “They” were teaching me what worked for them and were convinced it would work for me too. Their system was not in alignment with my Purpose. And, more often than not, many of the systems did not even fall into alignment with the quantum mentality that I resonate with that is spoken about by Dr. Dyer in The Shift. It feels exciting to be aligned with information like what Dr. Dyer lives. And it’s great to witness the results of that alignment, the gathering energy that evolves, and the magnetic pull it creates.

What I really appreciate about this movie and about the magic that is happening in my life is this one thing: I haven’t always been “here.” I haven’t always been in a space of Authenticity, Passion, and Purpose. My very real, visceral sense of this and living from this space is what inspired me to co-create the event, Authentic Success. I am co-facilitating this seminar with Jen Halterman of Everyday Essence on August 28 and it is all about the concept of soul aligned purpose for a fulfilling life and business.

And that is why I am excited!

As innate mentors, Jen and I share experiences with you. We stand beside you and are witness to your Essence, pulling that through you, and gently nudging you onto the path that is aligned to your Purpose. Authentic Success comes from within you. Jen and I will show you where your system is, what it looks like, how it works, and what it can do for you. We will show you how to develop your system and guide you to your success.

If you have all of the business systems and strategies in place for your business, but something just isn’t working, then this event is for you. If you have branding and aren’t sure if it matches your purpose or if you are conforming your purpose to your branding, then this event is for you. If you need to brand, rebrand, or understand an existing brand for your business, then this event is for you.

Click the graphic below for more information!

Authentic Success

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