Profoundly Sensitive People…

When you were a child, you were told to “sit down, shut up, hold still, and stop asking so many questions.” You were shushed and stilled and told that “good boys and girls” minded their manners and were seen and not heard and didn’t do “those things” that you could innately do without any training.

You’ve been very confused for the bulk of your life because you simply KNOW things, but can’t explain why and people often didn’t like you because of it. They thought you were nosy and called you a “know it all.” They may have even been scared of you.

You can feel, see, and hear things that many around you don’t pick up on. And, as a child, it was terrifying. There was no language to help you understand your abilities and if they were ever talked about, words like “witch” or “evil” or “bad” were used.

You ARE an amazing person. You are gifted and powerful beyond measure. You’ve just simply forgotten that.

It is time NOW to remember who you really are and why you are here.

The world is longing for you to be authentically you, to step up, and to lead the Revolution that is so needing to happen.

There is support available to you. I SEE you. I HEAR you. I FEEL you. And my Tribe is banding together to support one another in being the magnificent and magical creatures they were designed to be.

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